3 Things to Note from the Official Black Panther Trailer

Black Panther

3 Things to Note from the Official Black Panther Trailer

I recently did a DC trailer review a couple of days ago, and of course, Marvel had to come in with their trailer. Marvel released Black Panther official trailer!

And WOW, was it something!

Really, I thought the teaser trailer was great. Heck, I would have said the teaser trailer was the 1st trailer because I’ve never seen a movie company release a teaser trailer like that. And I explained that in my review.

They finally released Black Panther official trailer. And seeing that this movie will be released in February, expect some more stuff to be dropped in between time.

This review, I will give you 3 things to notice from the Black Panther official trailer!

3 Things to Note from the Black Panther Trailer

1. We see T’Chaka Taking his King Role

Now, if you all remember, his dad, T’Challa, died at the UN Summit. This put T’Chaka as the new king of Wakanda.

In this trailer, we see T’Chaka embracing his King role. It’s a lot of stuff for him to handle. He is now the Black Panther, and have to protect his village. Luckily, he has counsel with him to make sure he is going on the correct path.

Black Panther

2. We see more of Wakanda

The first trailer didn’t show much of Wakanda. We get to see it here and see more of the inhabitants.

I wasn’t a Black Panther comic reader. Or, a comic reader that much. But, I’m surprised to see Wakanda that big. Apparently, there’s, even more, colonies outside of T’Chaka’s colony. I thought him being “King” is he is the king of everything. I didn’t know they’re more colonies.

Something useful to learn from the trailer!

3. We see The Killmonger vs Black Panther

We see more of the villain for the first Black Panther movie. He goes by Killmonger.

Killmonger is trying to take the throne from T’Chaka. He wants to give the power to everybody in the world. And obviously, that’s not something that should happen. Given to the wrong person, we can have worldwide war.

The one thing to note from this battle is their suits. Killmonger has a gold & black plated Panther suit. Which is different then what was shown in the first teaser trailer.

Black Panther

But, it seems T’Chaka will have an update in his suit. The suit that is promoted, was the one we seen in Captain America: Civil War. But, it seems that Wakanda has a suit workshop of their own. And T’Chaka’s sister is developing the technology. In the last bit of the trailer, we see the Black Panther change into a blueish color.

My guess is he will be wearing some type of device that will have him transform into Black Panther than having to put the suit on manually.


I find the official Black Panther trailer to be fun! We see a lot of new stuff that the “teaser” trailer left out!

We get to see two villains. The Killmonger and Claw. So, it will be interesting to see how Marvel does this.

I really can’t wait for the film! The movie is set to release, on February 16, 2018!


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