4 Differences Between PUBG and Fortnite Battle Royal

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4 Differences Between PUBG and Fortnite Battle Royal

I’m staying on the subject of battle royal. My last blog post was detailing my first impressions about Fortnite Battle Royal game. On this post, I will detail 4 differences between Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battleground.

This should be fun.

4 Differences Between PUBG and Fortnite Battle Royal

1. Graphics

Let’s get this out of the way. The biggest difference you will see in both of the battle royal games is the graphics. Like, duh! Tell me something I don’t know.

Anyways, with PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, you will notice the game has a realistic feel to it.

But, with Fortnite, the game has a “cartoonish” look to it. If you play PUBG so much, this may be a glaring issue to you. But, playing Fortnite more than 5 minutes you will come to realize that Fortnite doesn’t take itself as serious as PUBG does.

Fortnite has a pumpkin rocket launcher for crying out loud.

People like PUBG because of the game’s realism. The realism draws you in and keeps you hooked.

Fortnite, on the other hand, pulls you in by having the game look silly. But once you start playing the game. You’ll notice the silliness is what makes the game fun!

2. Map Size

Another obvious thing is the map size.

If you played PUBG for a minute, you will notice that the island is MASSIVE!! It’s huge. I mean, you expect that for a 100 player match. And that’s the main reason why they’re driveable cars in the game. If there weren’t cars in PUBG, then this game would take even longer to finish. And people would die outside the zone.

That would make a funny competitive match, though….

Now with Fortnite, the map is small. Especially, compared to PUBG. And with the map being so small, there are no drive-able cars.

What would be the point? If you drive, you would easily go from one side to the other in a matter of seconds.

So, you will walk a lot in Fortnite.

But, if you love quick pace games, Fortnite is the one to pick. With the map being so small, the game finishes quickly. Well, faster than PUBG. A PUBG match can last just a little over 30 minutes. While Fortnite games can go for 20-25 minutes.

So, if you are looking for a fast paced game where you don’t have to wait forever, Fortnite is the game to play!

3. Gameplay

Both of these battle royal games approach gameplay different. PUBG has a more realistic gameplay going. While Fortnite is more lay back and has a silly gameplay.

This goes back to the map discussion. Like I’ve stated, due to PUBG map size, they have vehicles. And due to Fortnite size, they don’t. If Fortnite map size was just as big as PUBG, then having no drive-able cars would’ve made no sense. But, this isn’t a knock to either game.

Weapons is another big difference between the games. Both games have similar weapon types. But, Fortnite being as silly as they are, have something that PUBG doesn’t have….A weapon launcher. If this doesn’t prove to you that Fortnite is all about fun, then I don’t know what is.

Something else to take note, scopes. PUBG has tons of scopes. Be it red dot, hollow, 2x, 4x,….etc to attach to their guns so the player can aim at long distance. This is something that Fortnite doesn’t have. The only gun to have a scope is a sniper rifle….

That is one of my dislikes about Fortnite. I wish the weapons had scopes. I also wish the weapons had attachments like PUBG….But, again, this game is drastically different than PUBG. If weapons have scopes, then this game would be a snail match.

PUBG has backpacks. And different varieties of backpacks. While Fortnite you are only allowed to carry a certain amount of weapons. But, you can carry tons of bullets.

And of course, the most OBVIOUS difference is….Fortnite can make fortresses. Hence FORTnite lol. And this is a clear advantage. While PUBG has little to no destructible environment, Fortnite you can destroy practically anything(Which makes camping a little bit hard).

And you are able to build forts. With a pix ax, you can tear down wood, metal, and brick to get materials for building forts. This will help you out tremendously when the final circle comes into play. PUBG, you have to rely strictly on your gun skills to complete the task.

4. Zone

In the battle royal genre, you have to have a “zone” so the players don’t camp. This isn’t Call of Duty!! These players have to fight!!

And the game can’t be like Hunger Games where you can sleep for days without the Gamekeeper doing things to make you fight!

In PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, a lot of people complained about the zone. People were mad that people can take shots, and shoot you, while they are outside the zone. Which makes for funny video clips of them outside the zone.

But Fortnite found a fix to that.

In Fortnite, if you are outside the zone, your screen will be blurred. You can still see in front of you, but not that far. This makes it harder to shoot others while you all are outside of the zone. Doable, but will be hard aiming for the opponent.

Another thing about the zone. You can’t really see the other side. This goes both ways. When you are in it and when you’re not in it. If you look hard enough, you may see a body come in. But, you may only see a figure if it’s closing in on you.

So, if you play PUBG and you are one of the complainers about the zone. Fortnite solves that problem!!


Both Battle Royal games are good in their own right.

The differences in each game make them fun!

Have any of you played either game? If so, comment below!!

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