5 Takeaways From Justice League Official Heroes Trailer

Justice League Official Heroes Trailer

5 Takeaways From Justice League Official Heroes Trailer

Well, guess what? The Justice League Official Heroes Trailer is upon us!!!

And wow, was it a good one!

With this new trailer, we finally get a taste of what we will experience in the movie. The last two trailers were just introducing the heroes. We got to see each team member and got to see the environment that they were brought up in. But, in Justice League official heroes trailer, we finally get to see some action!! And more importantly, the story.

Most movies like to cover up the main story & action. DC doesn’t feel that way. We got to see the main story of Justice League’s first movie.

For this movie, it seems that this will evolve around the dream/vision that Bruce Wayne had in Batman V Superman.

This trailer review will be different the other ones that I’ve done. In this one, I will explain 5 takeaways from Justice League Official Heroes trailer. This seems to be an easier route to go on, then typing up a basic review.

With that being said, let’s get to the review!

Previous Justice League Trailer

Justice League

5 Takeaways from Justice League Official Heroes Trailer


Justice League Official Heroes Trailer

1. We see Superman/Clark Kent

Now, this is a big thing. This is a clear indicator that Supes(Love my Joker reference, huh?) will be involved later on in the movie.

If you remember from Batman V Superman, he “died”.If you caught the last scene when they buried him, dirt started to rise and then the scene fades to black. So, we all knew he was going to make an appearance in this JL movie. Just didn’t know when.

We see Clark Kent in a field. We then see Louis Lane coming from the house to see where he was at. While still faced the opposite direction of Louis, he then said: “I guess that’s a yes”. This was referring to the last scene in BVS where she was wearing the ring when she places dirt to Clark Kent’s casket.

After a moment, we realize she was dreaming when she snapped back up from her bed.

But, that doesn’t hide the fact that he will be in the movie. There was a little foreshadowing of his return in the last trailer. Where we see someone walk in, and Alfred said: “He was expecting you”.

So, I suspect that we don’t see him in the beginning of the movie. My guess is he will appear in the end. I feel like JL will be in a dire situation towards the end, and he will fly into save the day. There are no hints of him being there from the beginning. So, I think they are saving his appearance until the end.

Yeah, we know he will be there. But, it’s nice to see actual confirmation.

2. Batman vision is explained

There were a lot of crazy….things….going on in Batman v Superman. Through all these crazy things, there was a scene that came out of nowhere. And that was Bruce Wayne’s vision.

In this vision, Bruce experienced an “End of the world” type of battle between him and some Alien-like creatures. If you remember, this is where we get introduced to The Flash. Granted, at this time he didn’t know who he was until later on in the film.

Nothing else was explained about this vision. Although, some suspect that this would be the plot to the first Justice League movie.

Now, the Justice League official heroes trailer brought this scene up. We see Bruce Wayne and Wonder Woman talking about this vision in his chamber. I believe they are looking at some type of history that he found.

And we actually get to see the team fighting these aliens throughout the trailer. The one thing we don’t know is the why. We still don’t know the “bad guy” of the film.

Justice League

3. Bruce Wayne is Recruiting the team

Now, we saw in the first trailer the team coming together. But we see in this one, that they are describing why they need to come together.

Bruce is trying his hardest in describing to them the danger of what’s ahead.

This was something that wasn’t explained in the first trailer that much.

4. DC Showing some comedy in their films

This shouldn’t go without saying, but DC is known for their “serious” tone, while Marvel is the one that doesn’t take themselves seriously.

I love both comics. I’m a fanboy to superheroes period. I love Marvel characters, but I love the way DC does with their movies. They’re more serious and not as laid back as Marvel. But, people want them to be funnier and have them to be loose.

Hence, why they did some reshoots with Suicide Squad.

From the Justice League official heroes trailer, it seems that DC want to have a funny side to their movies….Well, at least a little bit.

And it seems they are shoe honing this comedic feel through flash. And Aquaman at times.

As big and mainly Aquaman portrays, he had a lighthearted scene with Cyborg when he was flying through the air. And it seems that he and Batman will have grudgingly funny scenes together.

Now, with Flash they have a kid like member that has his eyes wide open. The Flash character reminds me of Tom Holland portrayal of Spider Man. Both kids who want to make a difference in the world.

Talking about Flash, this version is waayyyy different than the DC counterpart of CW. TV Flash seems to take himself more seriously. While movie Flash seems to bring the jokes. This version will take some getting used to.

All in all, I would like DC to stay serious, but can’t wait to see them pull this lighthearted thing out.

5. Justice League Members seem to be working together

Well, Duh Joe! It’s a Justice. League. Movie. They are supposed to be working together. It’s a team up, remember?


Yes, it’s a Justice League movie, but in the Justice League official heroes trailer, it shows them working together. Unlike the previous trailers where Bruce had to pull tooth and nail to get them to work as one.

Now, this is something that Marvel don’t show as much. They show a lot of bickering. I’m looking at you Avengers 1 and Civil War. But, during battle, they don’t “Team up”. It seems that each member gets an individual role to do. And don’t worry about helping the others until the end.

With JL, this seems different. It looks like they actually care enough about trying to take down the baddie. And they are working together to get things done.

I really like this. And this more than anything(Even more than the comedic parts) is what I like about this team movie.

Justice League seems to be shaping up quite nicely!


I think that the Justice League official heroes trailer looked really good.

The trailer gave us a lot to look out for. And this one wasn’t a teaser like. It got to the point, and it makes me want to sit down and watch it.

I really can’t wait till this movie is out! I hope it captures the success of Wonder Woman!

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