7 Takeaways From Gotham’s Queen Takes King Episode

Queen Takes King

7 Takeaways From Gotham’s “Queen Takes King” Episode

Welcome to another TV show review, and this one is Gotham’s mid-season finale: Queen Takes Knight.

This episode was good…And really crazy. Probably the best DC TV finale they had this week.

In this post, I will describe 7 cool things that happened in Queen takes Knight episode.

7 Takeaways in Gotham Queen Takes King episode


1.Carmine Falcone comes back to Gotham to argue with Sophia

Now, of all the madness in Queen Takes King episode, and there was a lot of madness going around, this one by FAR takes the cake of being madness.

To catch you all up, Sophia comes back to Gotham. Now, this was all because Jim Gordon wanted Carmine to do something about Penguin. What he didn’t expect, was Sophia to be the one to come back to Gotham.

The thing with Sophia is that she has her own agenda. Her agenda started to cause a riot in the criminal underground. Gordon didn’t like that. So, he tried to remove her from Gotham. Sophia is a Falcone, so you know how this turns out.

But, in a crazy turn of events, Carmine comes back to Gotham to persuade her to come back. Sophia is frustrated about that. She spends some time arguing her point to her dad.

And even more CRAZIER, Penguin was the one who made the call to Carmine to come back! Yeah, I’m even surprised by that. But, Penguin is trying to make a point to get her out of here.

2. Drive-by shooting kills Carmine Falcone

Wait, wait. What did I just type? Did I just say that Carmine Falcone got killed in a drive-by shooting?

Yes, this happened. Sad, I know….Or delightful…I’m confused!!

So, as Carmine finally gets through to Sophia(or, whatever mindset he thought she was in), they left their family house. They ran into Gordon on the way to their car. Which lead to Sophia and Jim having a small conversation before they leave. Sophia wanted to collect the rose that her mom planted in the garden. As soon as she went to the garden to pick the flower up, a mysterious van started to approach. Then the van opened up and started to spray gunfire all around the vicinity.

Sophia was grazed a little. But, as soon as she turned around, we are met with Carmine Falcone on the ground, dead.

Wow, what a way to go.

3. Penguin comes to the police department for Gordon

Throughout this season, whenever Penguin made his annual appearance to the GCPD, you expect two things to happen:

1. For the cops to be scared out their wits and demand Gordon to back down and,

2. For the officers to take “bribe” money to look the other way.

Something that never happens with the GCPD….They didn’t buckle this time. Wow. I guess they work better under Jim Gordon then Harvey. >_>

Penguin made his usual appearance to the GCPD. And told Gordon he better stop what he is doing, or the blah blah blah we know the rest. Well, after his lengthy speech, he then turns to the officers and says he will give them money if they help him out. Well, wow. None of the officers help him. Heck, when Gordon comes out and gives his speech on how they’re going to stop Penguin & his crew, the cops threw Penguin out.

Very, very strange

4. Victor turns on Penguin

Another shocker, is Victor turning on Penguin.

If you don’t know, at the beginning of the series, Victor was always by Carmine Falcone side. He was basically Falcone’s “Assassin”. Then after Carmine left, Victor went with Penguin.

But, when Carmine got killed, it seems that his spirits went down. He started to think Penguin killed the Don. He even went as far to ask Penguin did he kill him.

At this point, Gordon is in full “Get Penguin out of here” mode. So, Gordon and the GCPD went up to the club to confront Penguin about the murder of the orphan boy. Penguin told him that they’ve been fooled. And then he turns to Victor to tell Gordon about the plan.

Well, it didn’t go as Penguin wanted.

Victor said that was a lie, and that Penguin murdered that boy. This left everyone that was there in shock. The GCPD then arrested Penguin.


Then a couple of scenes later, he changed his allegiance to Sophia. He is basically returning back “home”.


5. Alfred Confronts Bruce

Well, after Bruce killed Ra’s Al Ghul, Bruce went into a downward spiral. He started partying all through the night. And started to cause a mess at the mansion. Granted, he is a teenager. He is doing teenager things.

This got so bad in the Queen takes King episode, that Alfred confronts him about all of this partying. Bruce didn’t take this too well. Which then led to a brawl. And of course, Alfred won the sparring match. Bruce wasn’t a competition for him.

This later sets up Bruce coming back to the manor. Alfred tried to speak some more reason to him. Bruce is not having it. Bruce said he spoke to his lawyer about emancipation. And Bruce fired Alfred.

Wow. Bruce without Alfred….Almost like a certain Batman movie I know. Hmmmmmmm….

6. Sophia sets Gordon up with Pyg

In some sort of weird way, Sophia was involved with the whole Pyg saga.

Gordon went to the Falcone house to confront Sophia about what she is trying to do. She then goes on a speech about how she got Jim into the Captain office and how he isn’t grateful. During this speech, she came out and said that she had her father murdered!

Which, is what I expected. That farewell scene was a bit too questionable.

Anyways, she looks past the hallway. This is when Pyg comes into play. Apparently, Sophia and Pyg had a plan that sets up Sophia’s return to Gotham.

But, soon after this info come into play, Sophia shoots and kills Pyg. This sets up an ultimatum for Gordon:

– Gordon says he shot Pyg or,

– Gordon sells out Sophia. But, Sophia will then tell how she put Gordon as Captain. And Gordon doesn’t want that.

So, he ends up saying that he shot Pyg.

Now, we don’t know if Pyg is really dead. This may be a fake out. But, we will see in the Spring.

7. Joker comes at the end

At the very end of Queen Takes King episode, we see Penguin locked up at the Arkham Asylum.

He is being held in a room. All of a sudden we hear someone talking. Follow with the crazy laugh. If you are a fan of Batman, you already knew who it was before it kicked off. It’s the infamous Joker.

Uh oh

We didn’t get much after the reveal. But we know that the second half of the season will be crazy!!


Gotham’s mid-season finale, Queen Takes King, was a really good episode.

It was everything that I expected. I took a break from Gotham, then returned once I heard Bruce is becoming Batman. And I’ve been hooked ever since.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed this review. What did you think about the Queen Takes King episode? Leave your comments!

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