About Me

About Me

Ohh the infamous About Me section.

Hello, I’m Joseph Grier the owner of this site. I really do enjoy talking about games. Heck, I do that everyday. I even made it as a degree choice. I have a degree in Game Design and Simulation programming. That’s what I enjoy to do. It seems that every game I play, I can’t shake off the designer part of me of “I wonder if I can do this future”, “This could have been better” and so on. I also created some games. Majority of my games are basically escaping a room and try to leave the building.

Also with this site, it will be my variety opinions dealing with the game reviews. Seeing that I love video games just as much as my readers, I will have tons of reviews. I will especially be having blogs about news from the game companies.

With me being a game designer, I also want to talk about the development side of things. Bring to you all on what is happening with the developers who makes games and the tools they use to accomplish their tasks. I would love to do some programming tutorials for the site!

Another one of my hobbies is movies and TV. I will have movie reviews and review some shows that’s out. My interest in those is comic hero based shows & movies.

Guys/Gals, I really hope you enjoy my site! Read, laugh, poke fun with me, or even at me >_>. Most of all, just enjoy your time here!

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  1. Love the blog, eventually you’ll produce an a-list game. Anyway i was looking for an email to contact you at, might there be one?

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