The Age Old Battle: Gameplay vs Graphics

Gameplay vs Graphics

The Age Old Battle: Gameplay vs Graphics

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To all the gamers out there, grab your flame shields. Because this blog is about the age-old battle: Gameplay vs Graphics.

And you’re right. It’s that type of blog. I warned you about the flame shields.

I haven’t done a game topic in a while. Lately, I’ve been doing movie reviews and TV reviews. Especially, superhero shows. Which, I may be doing some Supergirl, Flash, Legends and Arrow reviews in the coming weeks; so, if you are a fan of those shows be on the lookout for them!

I’ve been doing a lot of those type of reviews. This time, I felt like I should get back into doing some of these gamer topics. Although, I did have plans to spend this month on superhero shows primarily. But, I’ve been backed up on game topics that I need to write something about it ASAP! Also, I STILL haven’t done a review of the new Justice League trailer, Pacific Rim 2 trailer or even the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer! YIKES!!

I’ve been gaming for years. And the one thing that I enjoy about video games, is how they play. Well, duh! Isn’t that what you suppose to do, bozo?

Hold on, let me finish, geesh.

It wasn’t until the PS3 era when I realized how important graphics were to video gaming. We got to see immersion in video games. That was a plus for us gamers! And to be even more truthful, graphics are how some of these new games get noticed.

But, this brought up a big question for me. What’s better: Gameplay or Graphics?

This is what I want to ask the gaming community. Which one you think, please comment and tell me why you think that way. Although this blog is named Gameplay vs Graphics, I truly want to know from my fellow gamers on why they like one over the other.

And, before I get to what I think is better in this Gameplay vs Graphics battle, I want to talk a little about both.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer


To talk about Gameplay, we got to bring up the definition.

Gameplay is considered to be “The overall experience of playing a video game”(source). Even though this statement is “vague” like. But, it’s basically everything dealing with gaming except graphics/visuals.

I also say that game mechanics is a big representation to gameplay. This isn’t universally agreed upon. Some would say that game mechanics are separate from gameplay. I think that statement is completely wrong. Game mechanics and gameplay goes hand in hand. The mechanics of the game makes the game work in the player perspective.

Gameplay vs Graphics

It’s the main reason you want to continue with the game. Even playing the game more than once.

Each genre has different forms of mechanics. Take RPG genre for example. Look at all of the Pokemon games. It’s a turn-based game. Look at First Person Shooter games. What differentiates that from RPG games? Gunplay and how the camera is layered out.

Even my favorite genre, sandbox genre. Games like Grand Theft Auto, Saints Row and Watch Dogs. With this one, it could be open-ended. You can practically do anything in this genre. And that’s why Sandbox genre is the best genre hands down :)…..No debate >_>


But, my point is, mechanics run the game. That’s why I see game mechanics and gameplay as one.


On the other side of Gameplay vs Graphics is Graphics

As a whole, graphics may be a little harder to explain then gameplay. Just because some may get other art departments involved in this section that’s not really about “Graphics”. Take animation for instance.

What it all boils down to, is this. Graphics are what you see. The visual aspect of the game. Like, when you play Assassin’s Creed game and you are looking at the scene around you. Not how the models look, but just the scene. Once you are able to take in your environment around you, you will notice the graphics. And if it looks good or bad.

Some of us even judge graphics on how “realistic” it is. Games like Uncharted and Assassin’s Creed get praised on for their graphics. But, some still like the cartoonish feel that some games have. Like Overwatch and that new battle royal game Fortnite.

Some have a varied taste on what they think is “Good looking” games. That’s why we don’t see realism in every game.

What I choose in this Gameplay vs Graphics battle

With all of this being said, I pick Gameplay over Graphics in this Gameplay vs Graphics showdown.

To me, the winner is obvious. Gameplay is the essential part of any game that we play. Without it, we have a movie. Even with a movie, you need a story. Please, don’t get me started with that Blade Runner 2049 movie….

That and not every game we play have stellar graphics. Minecraft is calling. Fun game, but it takes you back to the N64 days with the graphics.


Even Pokemon. I never heard of Pokemon getting rave reviews over there graphics. The gameplay is the main reason why we all go to that game to play it! Not saying the graphics are bad. Gameplay & the story is the main reason I play Pokemon….That, and I gotta catch em all!

Don’t take this blog as me crapping over graphics. Not at all. There are some games that I play that is absolutely beautiful. Sometimes, they make me stop doing what I’m doing to view the scenery. Take Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us as an example. These games have similar gameplay, but the scenery in the game is breathtaking!

Graphics is a plus to a game. But, it’s not something that should be the main focal point to a game.

Another reason why I’m not on the graphics side of this argument is because I’ve been on the side with good graphics and bad gameplay.

Take Saints Row 3 for an example. The setting looks good. Love the city. But, the gameplay is bad. And that’s something I hate to say about a sandbox game.

And let us not forget about my beloved game company Rockstar and what they did with Grand Theft Auto IV. GTA IV looked so good. Had a realistic feel to it. Not like the other GTA games did. But, the gameplay wasn’t as realistic as the graphics were. Now, there is a special sect of GTA fans that will argue to their death beads that say the gameplay was good in that game….Spoiler alert, it wasn’t.

Gameplay should be the focal point of any game. Graphics should be the icing on the cake, not the main dish.

If a company is selling pretty screenshots of the game, but don’t want to talk about the gameplay, that should be setting off red flags for you. Just saying.


Whew…I’ve been wanting to talk about this Gameplay vs Graphics topic for the longest. Just was busy doing other topics.

I push these TV topics to the side for this week. You may see some discussion of it next week. Especially, superhero shows recaps.

I know that a lot of you all may have varied opinions about this. If you do, please comment. I did this topic to detail why I think Gameplay is the King of any game!

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