Astro A10 Headset Review

Astro A10

Astro A10 Headset Review

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I can’t believe that this is my very first review of headsets! Of all the years that I’ve been gaming, it’s at the brisk age of 29 that I’m reviewing my first headset. But, here I am, going to have lengthy conversation with you all about the ASTRO Gaming headset the Astro A10.

This is my very first headsets designed for games. I’ve played on some relatively cheap ones. And when I said cheap, I’m talking about the ones that come with the PS4….Yeah. I never really cared for headsets. It wasn’t something that I felt in dire to have. But, now that I have one, I’m asking my self why did I wait so looonnnggggg!

The ones that I have is cheap. The price for the premium ones are INSANE!! The top of the line ones is pushing $300.00! Yikes! You can get a Nintendo Switch for that price. And, if you safe some more money, you can get a PS4 for it! Yeah, I’m not into headsets that much to get that just yet. Eventually, I would get one. If I’m blessed to be ranking in enough money to get that. But, that’s AFTER I buy all of the consoles(And that’s a whole new blog).

First Pair of Headsets

It still amazes me on how long I went without one. It feels like I’m that old grandpa, who in a given moment will sprout out and say “Well, kids. Back in my day I didn’t have a stinkin’ headset. We had to rely on luck & skill…You kids have it easy these days.” **Sigh** That actually fits, I guess.

To be frank, I never really cared about getting a headset. Even though there was a time where my friend BEGGED me to get one. We usually played MP quite a lot. The only way we communicated, was by texting & talking on the phone. Looking back at things, it would have been easier to have one. Using up our minutes like that was on the dumb side.

I promise guys, I’ve learned my lesson.

But, even if I had one, I wouldn’t be speaking to randoms on the mic. It would of just been to my friends & family members. I feel weird about doing it now! Would people listen to my commands? Heck, I rarely listen to what other people say. And I don’t want to have full conversation in a lobby where everyone can hear. Sounds weird to me.

More importantly, it wasn’t on m “ToDo” list to buy. Let’s get something clear. I’m a gamer at heart. And what do gamers buy? Video Games. I wouldn’t want my gaming budget to be spent on headsets. NOPE! Even if it’s cheap. I’m going to buy all the games I need. If a stranger gets mad that I don’t have a mic, then so what. There’s few games where you’re in need of a headset anways(And Call of Duty is definitely not one of them).

I didn’t see what was so “special” about using headsets in games. Does it really matter in the long run? Wow, was I wrong.

Astro A10 Headset

I first want to say “I have seen the light; and I love these headsets.” There. I got that off my chest.

There’s something that I want to be 100% clear about. This may sound crazy. I never knew there were special headsets that are geared towards gaming. I know that there are different quality of headphones for music listening. Like Beats by Dre and Bose. But, for gaming, I didn’t know companies made such products for it. Which surprised me to say the least.


Astro A10(Amazon Affiliate Link)

And, for the Astro A10 being my first pair, there pretty nice! You know us gamers have to have a collection of these on our shelves lol.

Let me give you guys a breakdown of the product

Little Background Info

I’m no history buff, but will do the best I can to explain this product

ASTRO Gaming headsets is known to be of the premium nature. It’s the “top notch” of gaming headsets. Going on forums and watching videos would have you think that these are the “must have” in gaming headsets. The problem? The price

Astro A10 counterparts, the A40 and A50, is a bit pricey. The A40’s  cost around 150 dollars(That’s just the base price). The A50’s cost around 300 dollars(Again, that’s just the base price). And you also have to buy separate one’s for the Xbox and Playstation.

So, if you are a gamer on a budget(like myself) these things are a bit pricey. And don’t get me started on the features they have with it. You will see a LOT of youtubers that are sponsored by Astro wearing them. And THAT’S how they are able to afford them. Nothing wrong with that, though. I’m still waiting for my Call of Duty invitational ;).

It came buy surprise when Astro added the A10’s to the market. The one thing that you will notice about this headset, is the price. Get this, it’s 60 dollars! A price of a game! Yeah, it may still be pricey, but, if you skip out on ONE game you will be able to get one. And, I only came by these by chance. I heard announcement on Astro A10 and seen the price and it was a must have for me. It does everything that I want perfectly.

The one cool thing about the Astro A10, is that you don’t have to buy separate one’s for each console. Even though they have ones that says Xbox, Playstation and PC. They each work the same across all the platforms! I believe if you have the earlier Xbox One’s you have to have a special adapter to it. You also can plug this in your phones!

Not to diss the Astro A10’s counterparts, you don’t need to shell out 200+ dollars for features you don’t need. I’m not saying anything bad about them, but some gamers won’t even user, or heck, even KNOW what these extra features on the headsets are! Not saying that gamers are dumb.

So, I am glad that Astro Gaming decided to give us this addition!

What’s inside the Astro A10 package

The box set for the Astro A10 is more simpler than the others. This one comes in a standard package while the others come in a fancy package. Probably cut down a 100 dollars from doing that. Just joking. Or am I?….

Anyways, the package contains the headsets and a detachable 3.5mm in-line control cable.

Astro A10

It’s good that they put the cable separate from the headset. If the cable messes up, you can just get another cable by either:

  • Ordering from Astro gaming or
  • Buying a new one at the store

Either way, it works out for you. If you so happen break the cable, you don’t have to buy a whole new headset.

The Design & Comfort

I gotta say, the design of the Astro A10 is pretty cool!

The one thing that you will notice once your eyes glaze upon them, is this headset is big! It’s bigger than the screenshot you get from viewing the product!

I’m glad to say that it’s comfortable to wear. You can wear it for awhile and not have it feel like it’s heavy. Oh, by the way, the headset is heavy when you hold it. But, the crazy thing about it, you won’t even notice it. I played for an hour and a half and didn’t realize that I had this on. It’s that comfortable!

One last thing I want to touch up, is Durability.

I want to first state, that I went through a LOT of headphones in my life. Some break, some cable mess up, one side will play while the other side wouldn’t. Quite frankly, I’m too embarrassed to say out loud how many that I brake. So, durability with these headsets is a must.

The one thing that Astro gaming made clear to us, is the durability of the Astro A10. They even have a video explaining about the headset.


You can stretch these; bend them in crazy ways; and throw them to the ground. And the company said they still work!

So, to the awesome people at Astro Gaming. That’s real cool! To all my readers….I will NOT be doing this for you all HAHAHAHAHA!! Nope, nada, heck no! I will just take there word about this.

But, the durability is the MAIN reason why I brought this….I’m a clumsy person >_>


Okay, Joe, enough of this! I came here to read about how it sounds. Get to it or I will leave!!

**Sigh** Very well then.

I’m by no means a sound expert. These are my first “Gaming” headsets, mind you. I don’t have any other headsets to compare it to. Unless, you want me to compare them to some of my music headphones that I have. But, they’re not in the same leagues as these Astro A10. Not by a long shot

With that being said, these Astro A10 get the job done. It’s not Surround sound, but it still good(Apparently, the speakers are the same speakers in the A40’s).




I heard sounds in the game that I never heard before. Like in Call of Duty you can hear some of the other elements in the maps. Like in the Hunted map you can hear the waterfall clearly. In Horizon Zero Dawn, the little stuff like the fishes, wind and other animals is visible heard(In that game, it made it easier for me to hear the machines from distant).

You can clearly hear footsteps. With this section, the reviews was mixed. Some say you can, while others said you can’t. You can hear the footsteps as clear as day. And in COD, you can hear the jet packs around you.

Hearing footsteps is the most important thing in MP type games. And these does them justice.

Now, about the mic quality. This is something that I’m no expert on. It’s also something that I really don’t care about. I only talk to my friends and not randoms. Heck, I mainly use the mic to talk on my phone! But, it is a good addition to have.

The mic is something that I like about this product. If you want to use it, just put it down towards your mouth and you will be able to talk. To mute it, just pull the mic up. You don’t have to unplug the set from your controller when you need privacy. Which is great.

Furthermore, I’ve done tests with the mic on my computer. I like the sound of my voice. Sounded clear. I’m thinking of using it for my commentaries.

I tested this headset out on Horizon Zero Dawn and Yooka-Laylee. You can clearly hear sounds that’s “Surround sound like”. I’m especially surprised on how well this worked on Yooka-Laylee.

For your music needs, it depends on what song you listen to. It’s not that great for listening to music in. Which is ALRIGHT! I didn’t buy these for music playing(Which is a surprise). I have one that plays perfect for it. I’m alright in having the Astro A10 be my gaming headset.


All-in-all guys, I’m really enjoying these headsets.

If you don’t have gaming headsets, or always wanted Astro Gaming ones, the Astro A10 is the one to get. It’s a good price! And can outlast some of the other brands!

These are perfect for gaming. Ever since I got them, I haven’t played a game without it. It’s that good. Can barely tell that you have them on!! It’s a must buy for any gamer!


I hope you enjoyed this review!


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I’ve never really played with headsets but recently been thinking I need to invest in one. Do you think they’d be wroth it? I’d probably only use them to gain an advantage on things like Call of Duty SnD because I rarely play with friends.