Did Justice League Meet Your Expectation?

Justice League movie

Did Justice League Meet Your Expectation?

Well, Justice League movie has FINALLY graced our theater screens. Now, the question that is on everyone’s minds: Did Justice League meet your expectation?

Now, I mean to release this blog on Saturday, but didn’t feel up to it. I was going back and forth about posting this article. And I had a slight headache the day after. But, I’m overthinking on how to type up these reviews. I’m thinking of a new type of format to do these types of reviews. And I hope you like it!

Justice League Review

Justice League movie has been getting mixed reviews. From both reviewers and fans. Now, people thought that because of Wonder Woman’s big success, that the movie would propel this Justice League movie. And in its own way, it did. A lot of people were open to this movie because of WW. Something that Suicide Squad and Batman V Superman wasn’t able to grab. I even wrote a post about how WW can propel the first Justice League movie.

Justice League

I want to state that I enjoyed this movie. I’m in no way a DC fanboy. I’m more of a superhero genre fanboy, but that’s another blog for another day. But, the movie was good! But, JL definitely had flaws.

People felt like they rush this “team” movie. And they should have just done solo movies like Marvel, and wait for the big team JL movie.

My opinion about “rushing” is way different. I feel like the movie itself were rush.

Let’s call this movie what it is. An origin movie. Something similar to the first Avengers movie. And even the first Avenger movie was rushing a little bit. But, I felt like they rush the character entering the group. The Flash signed up in the blink of an eye. Which left Aquaman & Cyborg to be the last ones to join. Aquaman was really the only one who was being a pessimist about joining. And Cyborg was just hesitant about joining

Now, the real thing to say that was rush, was the story….Or whatever plot that was the “story” here. This is a superhero movie, so, we know the formula:

  • Movie starts off peaceful
  • Villain comes through
  • Superhero(s) have a scene or 2 where they face adversity
  • They adjust
  • Then they kick the villain’s butt

Nothing new

But, this one should have been better. Let’s not forget that this movie plot was because of Bruce Wayne vision he had in BvS. This was a problem for the world so Bruce wanted to create this team.


And in no way, I felt that world was in any danger. There were only two places that were affected by this. Ironically, this was the only time we have seen Aquaman fight outside of the JL team up. I didn’t feel like the villain did any villain things.

And then Superman comes to save the day. Just like we all expected.

A good movie, but I felt that the story could have been better.

The story is basically a copy paste of Man of Steel. The same plot and everything. The only difference is that in MoS, the villain was actually a villain. And there was a certainty that the world can be destroyed. Something that this Justice League movie lacked.

There could have been more action sequences. We have seen some separate scenes with Batman, WW, and Aquaman fighting. But, I wish there were more Justice League fighting.

Justice League

The one thing that I loved, was the superheroes. After the movie, I’m hyped for the solo movies. Heck, I’m more hyped for the solo movies than the next JL movie. Especially with Aquaman and Cyborg. They look like they could have good solo movies. There hasn’t been anything said about Cyborg having a movie. But, Aquaman has been said to have a movie. And I’m ready for that one.

Now, the Flash character, I’m back and forth with him. He acts too much like the new Spiderman. He’s funny and cool and did good, but I don’t know if he can carry a movie by himself. And of Course, we will have another Wonder Woman movie. Maybe a new director, though….

Justice League

Batman is still up in the air. It seems like they are trying to rush that one out too. Too many director switching with that one. I thought Ben Affleck would direct that one. But, that changed. We won’t know about this for a while.

All in all, JL was a good movie. Critics harshly reviewed this movie. Now, it wasn’t perfect by any means, but it wasn’t horrible either.


The first Justice League movie is a wrap, and it was good!!!

I give it a 7.8/10. It wasn’t perfect. The story could have been better. But, it was still quite entertaining! I can’t wait for the 2nd JL movie!! I’m hoping that they make a Green Lantern movie so GL can join the Justice League roster. Green Lantern is one of my favorite DC heroes. So, I would be ecstatic about it. Wonder Woman mentions for “other” members could be joining :). So, I’m keeping my hope alive!

It would be interesting to see the other members get their own movie. All of it will be up in the air. But, it will be cool to see them!

Guys, the question still stands. Did Justice League meet your expectation?

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