First Impression: Fortnite Battle Royal

Fortnite Battle Royal

First Impression: Fortnite Battle Royal

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Fortnite Battle Royal

I haven’t done a first impression game blog in a long time. And that’s because I’ve been doing book reviews and other topics. Well, today, I finally get to do one. And it’s dealing with a game I’ve been playing 2-3 weeks so far. The game is Fortnite Battle Royal.

Fortnite Battle Royal is, well its…Uhhh it’s a Battle Royal game. >_>. We all know what the battle royal genre is by now. Most of us have seen PlayerUnknown’s Battleground. It’s a battle that contains 100 players. The last person/duo/squad wins the game. It’s that simple.

Now, I did a review of another game that is similar to Fortnite Battle Royal. That’s PlayerUnknown’s Battleground. Well, I did two of them to be exact. Even though they both are in the battle royal genre, they’re different in many ways. Some differences won’t be on this blog but will be in future blogs.

The differences in this game are why I love it MORE than PUBG. This is my very first time playing this type of genre. I’ve only watch videos of PUBG.

So, do I like it? Well, let’s see what my first impression of Fortnite Battle Royal is.

Fortnite Battle Royal First Impression

First off, my initial impression of this game is….This game is exciting! Starting off, you will know this is no PUBG. But that’s not a bad thing. It’s actually a great thing really.

Epic Games produced Fortnite. You know, the game company who created one of the BEST series that’s on Xbox….Gears of War. Yeah, there’s no arguing about that on this post 😀

If you don’t know anything about game engines. Or don’t even care. This tidbit of info may just go past your head. Fortnite & PUBG uses the same game engine. That’s Unreal Engine 4(UE4). This engine is really good! If you are an artist, this is the engine of your dreams!

Unity3D is my favorite engine because it’s more programming oriented. But, if I was an artist, UE4 would be downloaded on my system. As matter of fact, UDK uses to be my engine of choice when I designed levels!!

But, let’s not get distracted. Let’s finish this Fortnite Battle Royal review….

Fortnite Battle Royal is basically an extension of the main Fortnite game. The main game is a PVE type game.

Something else to note is that this game is an early access game. So, we will be experiencing bugs. But, Epic is GREAT at listening to the community by patching it up! If you are wondering if we have to pay or not…We don’t. As of right now, Fortnite will be released for free. But, if you want to play the main game, you have to buy packs.

And they also let you by cosmetic items. Unlike COD, these items will NOT affect the game in any way.

I stated this earlier. There is a big graphical difference between Fortnite Battle Royal and PUBG. This game is more cartoonish. And is way different than some of the new games you’re playing. At first, I didn’t like it. But, it has grown to me. Epic didn’t take this game as seriously as PUBG.

And I like that they didn’t

It actually makes the game enjoyable. There’s one game that can compare too. And that’s Overwatch. They both have similar graphics. And their both fun to play(I’ve yet played Overwatch, but I hear nothing but good news about the game).

Again, it’s something to get used to. But, it wasn’t a big turn off for me.

Now, with the most important aspect of this game. The Gameplay. Well, if you play any type of battle royal games, you know the gist of it:

Collect items that you need

Put items that you don’t need to the ground.

Kill the enemies.

Win the game.

Make profit.


Okay, maybe not make a profit. But, you get what I’m saying.

What makes Fortnite Battle Royal different then the others is that you can build fortresses. This is the main thing to learn about the game. As I know, you can be good at shooting, but once you make it to the final circle; you better be just as good as creating fortresses. That’s something you need to learn.

Other than that, it’s pretty basic. The island is a lot smaller than PUBG. No cars to ride. Which makes this game fast pace. It’s especially fast pace once you jump out of the bus like a dummy in the first 5 seconds.

The weapons are good. But, take note. You can only carry 5 items at a time. You can put the rest in your backpack, but you will only be able to have 5 of them out at one time. Which, is unlike PUBG. You can have five weapons at a time. While in PUBG, you can only have a pistol and main weapons. You can carry 5 assault weapons at a time. A bit overkill, but you can do that.

Another thing to take note is the weapons. At times, you will need to have pinpoint accuracy with your aiming. And it doesn’t help that the SMG’s are probably the worst weapons to use in the game. You have to know your ranges with the assault rifles. And the shotgun is an instant kill.

But, these unique characteristics is what makes this game good!


Fortnite Battle Royal is a great game!

It’s a fun game. You will become an addict to this game after 4-5 playthroughs. I’m not kidding you.

I’ve played this game more than my other games. I still haven’t completed Horizon Zero Dawn. Every time I think about completing it, this game gets turned on in my system!

What do you all think of the game? Are you all enjoying it as much as I am?

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