James Potter and The Crimson Thread Review

James Potter and The Crimson Thread

James Potter and The Crimson Thread Review

Finally, we are here to review the final book of G Norman Lippert fanfic James Potter Series! Which is James Potter and The Crimson Thread! And you may be….Surprised by the things I have to say about this fanfic.

And here’s a shocker, I was on a brink of not writing this review. Even now I’m undecided about typing up this review!

This book made me soooo mad! I thought for days about if I should write this review or not. As matter of fact, I was going to write this review before my Justice League review. But decided to do that one first. But really, it’s so hard to not completely rant about this book.

So, unlike the other book reviews, this one will be different. I will tell you what I like and don’t like about James Potter and The Crimson Thread. Beware, though. The don’t like section I will vent my anger….

So, let’s get on with this.

What I Like About James Potter and The Crimson Thread

1. The first half of the story

Okay, I’m not going to completely hate James Potter and The Crimson Thread. I will admit, parts of the story were good. And the parts that were good, is the beginning half. Which is odd. Because these past four books the story takes off slow. But this time it was good from the start.

The story was good before it nosedived. Again, I express how I love G. Norman Lippert writing style. I enjoyed the mysterious part of the first half. Knowing that this is the final book(As of right now), it had the Deathly Hallow vibe to it. Where we don’t know how it will end. Now, we may have a picture in our mind on how we think will happen, but we won’t know if it will end well.

I like how James interacted with his other classmates. He wasn’t always with Rose, Albus, Ralph & the gang. In the Harry Potter series, we only have seen Harry hang out with Hermione & Ron. So, it was refreshing to see his son hang out with different people.

The beginning had the whole will he fight Judith, The Lady of the Lake. And that part was interesting. It was especially interesting because of this 2 year time jump from the 4th book, Morgan Webb(And I will tell you my disdain about that).

But, I feel like the ending should have been how it started….But, oh well.

2. James having a GF outside Petra

Okay, this is the weirdest point I’m making for this book. Maybe I was reaching for something to type. But, if you have read this series, this may be the BIGGEST thing to happen.

If you read the series, James had the weirdest crush on Petra. And to be more ruthless, it was kind of sickening. But that’s James character. James is loyal to a fault.

So, when another girl came in, it was…..Refreshing. Shortly after they met, they ended up together.

I believe that this was the best thing to happen. In book time it was pretty short. I would say, it was the same amount of time that Harry & Ginny were together in the Half Blood Prince. It was something to get his mind off of Petra.

But, good things come to an end. After a short while, he was going back and forth on when he should break up with her. This is because he still has feelings for Petra.


Even though everyone is saying how bad Petra is for him. But, whatever.

Well, it was a good thing while it lasted!!

What I Dislike About James Potter and The Crimson Thread

Like I’ve stated at the beginning. Get ready for a rant.

1. The Two Year Jump

I don’t know about you all, but my heart skips a beat when they’re time jumps in stories. Because I always wonder what happened before and after.

The last book we see them in the 4th year. And in the end, we see James & co facing off against The Lady of the Lake. With the help of Petra, they were able to thwart Judith’s plan of destroying the world.

So, you think we will see the consequences of that. Right?


We get a two year time jump to James 7th year. And that boggled my mind!

It’s just unimaginable for nothing to happen in their 5th & 6th year. Harry Potter story crazy years were there 5th & 6th years. Imagine if after Goblet of Fire we got Deathly Hallows….Lot’s of questions, right? That’s the same feeling I have with James Potter and The Crimson Thread. There are so many questions that I have about the two missing years. Like, how was O.W.L.S? Did James & gang stress over it like the original trio? What happened after Judith disappearance? Too many unanswered questions.

This may be dumb, but it’s something that I was annoyed about through reading the book.

2. Some of the Characters

Something else the time jump effected….Character development.

Somewhere between year 4 and year 7 some of the characters turned into a pain in the you know where.

For example, Ralph. Ralph was one of my favorite characters. But in this book, he seems to be a backstabber. He had issues with James(That was left unresolved) and had an issue with a teacher. Just out of nowhere. Even James was weirded out about it. We have no explanation of why he’s like this. And none of why James found out his hostility the moment we, the reader, did.

There are other times where Ralph character just went to the far left. To me, I feel like his character went downhill for no reason at all.


Wow. The ending is what really made me think of not doing this review.

I’ve never experience a terrible ending in a book. Now, a fan base may never agree with how good of an ending a book is. Truthfully, if the ending matches the book/series I’m fine with it. I was not too thrilled about Mockingjay ended. But it fit the ending of the series perfectly. So you don’t have to like how a book/series end. But, if it fits well then we have no choice but to accept it.

But, then there are book endings like this that enrages me. Especially on how well the story was until the last few chapters.

Remember when the Harry Potter series got to HBP. We were wondering how the final book would end? There were a lot of theories stating that it would end with Harry waking up and being a dream. This was something that, if turned out to be true, the fandom would go BERSERK! Imagine investing your whole childhood in this series to just find out that this was just a dream? Luckily, it didn’t end that way. Actually, some theories collectedly stated that the last word that would end would be a scar.

Now, remember that theory of being a dream? Well, James Potter and The Crimson Thread ended like that….Kind of. Well, to say it more bluntly, it was worse.

So, the ending chapter, after the crazy battle between Petra & Judith happens on the boat(They went back in time to the Vault of Destiny to battle), James went to sleep. Then he got up. He saw that he was in the Hogwarts medical bay, while Merlin(headmaster) watch over him. James then had a conversation with Merlin, which…Ughhhhh…..He states that for the past 3 years or so, James was living in an alternate timeline…..WHAT THE WHAT!!!!

Now, Apparently in Vault of Destiny, there was a situation that arises in the boat that they were traveling to reach the USA. The events that happened on the boat was like what happened when we read it. But, Merlin states that things work out different. Merlin said that he saw Judith earlier than James and defeated her.

And James and others were experiencing something dealing with 666 events and was driving everyone insane. To make a long lame story short, the stuff he experienced in Morgan Webb and this book is totally different. You.Have.To.Be.Kidding.Me!

So, if you want me to be even clearer, Half of the Vault of Destiny and later never happened. The things we read were parts of an “Alternate Timeline”. None of those events happened the way it was written. This section made me so mad! Basically, the first two books are correct. But after that, it’s just…ugghhhh

The ending of this book is so messed up, that I can’t believe I wasted my time reading this series. Actually, not the series, just VoD, Morgan Webb and now this book. ESPECIALLY THIS BOOK!!! The ending made no sense! If Lippert ended after the battle, then it would have been good. But this just made me rage. I don’t like to invest time in a book series then at the end to have the rug rip under me like that!

Okay, let me end this rant


After all of this, I give James Potter and The Crimson Thread a 5/10.

The first half was great. But, it ended poorly! If there’s more to this fanfic series, then I won’t find my self-reading them. I don’t even say that type of stuff about books that I’ve read. So, I hope you see how the ending made me mad lol.

I can’t stress enough of the terrible end to such a good series!

I hope you were able to get through my rant. If you have read this series, what was your take on it?



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