James Potter and the Morgan Webb Review

Morgan Webb

James Potter and the Morgan Webb Review

Guys, I’m here with another fanfic book review! I’m still with the Harry Potter fan fiction. This fanfiction is James Potter and the Morgan Webb.

As you know, I have been reading this James Potter fanfic for a month or two. I did a review of the last James Potter book a week or 2 ago.

Morgan Webb is right after the events that happened in Vault of Destiny.

Also, if you don’t know, this fanfic was written by G. Norman Lippert. Just like the rest of us, he didn’t want this story to end. So, he immediately came up with the idea for this book. As of this typing, there is five of them; and Morgan Webb is the 4th in this series.

I believe these fanfic books is good. Lippert has a different take on the Potterverse. His books is more detective/mystery. In recent reviews, I express on how much I loved seeing that.

But, enough of the background info, let’s get on to review.

James Potter and The Morgan Webb Review

First Thoughts

This may come as a shock. And this is not in any way an indicator of “things to come”. But, my first impression of Morgan Webb….Was not a good one. I was worried, thinking that I will have to drag my feet on this because this may be bad. In fact, in the beginning stages of this book was “This may be the worst book in the series.”

Whew, I’m sure glad that I was wrong. But, let me explain why I thought that in the first place.

I give G. Norman Lippert a big award. What’s the award? The award of having written the LONGEST prologue known to men(At least, as known to me). This prologue was 62 pages….Yep, you read that right, 62 pages. I thought that was insane!! I even thought he forgot to put the chapters up. Because in Vault of Destiny, he forgot to bookmark one of the chapters. And I thought this was the case.

Nope. That wasn’t the case.

Sadly, I had thoughts about giving it up. The story seemed slow and outta place. Some parts were boring(Again, this was all in the 62 pages of reading).

But, I got a rage induce review to write this fanfic. So, I better stick with it.

And I’m glad I did. Well, not writing the rage induce review I was going to type up <_<.

By the 3rd chapter, my nose was buried in the screen(Kind of weird thing to say, but okay!). And Vault of Destiny, move on over. Morgan Webb has taken that spot as being the favorite in the series

Let me clue in on why that is.


Like I’ve stated earlier, the beginning of Morgan Webb story was starting to lose me. But happily, it picked up!

Even though we have some people living across the “pond”, Lippert seems to find clever ways to keep them together. Ralph, Zane, and James are back together. And of course, when they come together trouble is just around the corner.

The last book, Vault of Destiny, we were left with strange events. The whole Petra is she a good/bad witch. And we also had them going in “Between” worlds. Then, they caught up with Judith, the Lady of the Lake. Who then had them messing up New Amsterdam in a way that the muggles now see the magic world.

In Morgan Webb, we’re presented with the repercussions of the “event”. And we immediately see that in the beginning of Hogwarts school year.

In Hall of Elders, we see the American School come into play. This year, it’s the same thing. We have three other schools that are visiting. We know two of them. Durmstrang and Beauxbatons. But, one of the biggest reveals was they are hosting a muggle school.

Yep, a muggle school.

The governments of both sides want to bring them together. And try to “bridge” the two worlds together.

And either school isn’t just “visiting” they are taking classes at each school. Morgan Webb had a Goblet of Fire feel to it. But, instead of having a Tri-Wizard Tournament, they are going to class together. And in all honesty, Morgan Webb story had A GOF story vibe. Seemed like Lippert took some ideas from the 4th Harry Potter book and put it into Morgan’s Webb(Funny how both books is the 4th of the series).

The main baddies in Morgan Webb are this guy named “The Collector”. This guy took advantage of the “event”. He started to use muggle’s to collect things. He is also swaying muggle’s decisions.

But, enough of the spoiling of the book.

I really enjoyed Morgan Webb. The storytelling was everything I loved about Vault of Destiny and the Hall of Elders Crossing. It had the detective style to it. But, it was mostly a mystery story. Mystery is what drove Morgan Webb story. And it what made me hook to keep reading from the initial thought I had about this fanfic book.

Ironically, I am about to state something that I hated in Curse of the Gatekeeper. This book had long chapters. But, wait a minute. I had no problem with them. Wait, what?

You read that right, I had no problem with the long chapters in this book.

Now, I complained about the long drawn out chapters in Curse of the Gatekeeper. I felt that majority of the lengthy chapters led to nothing. And if those chapter length cut down, nothing would have been lost. With all that I said about long drawn out chapters and how boring it was, well that’s all thrown out in Morgan’s Webb.

Every chapter was good(Well, except the long prologue. That’s the only knock I have). I felt like every word that was in the chapter went towards the plot and wasn’t useless. The main reason I didn’t like Curse of the Gatekeeper, was because I felt Norman Lippert created thousands of subplots but didn’t finish them. Then again, I felt that the Gatekeeper subplot was lacking, anyways.

I didn’t feel any “lacking” in Morgan Webb. Each chapter had a clue about the ending. Nothing was overdone. So, I liked how Lippert wrote out the chapters and kept it constant with the plot.

Something to note, I like how the “Collector” had an interesting background. I felt Lippert didn’t gimp out and give him a lame excuse for being a villain. Granted, there will be a lot of Harry Potter fans who will be agitated with his background. But, it was interesting on how he became who he is.

As I stated earlier, Morgan Webb is the 4th book in this series. The next one up is the Crimson Thread. The Crimson Thread recently came out this year(2017). I have yet to read it. But, the author states in this book, Morgan Webb, that there may be more to come. It would be neat to make it to 7. But, this is a fanfic and he does it on his time. Plus, he has other works to get published :).

But, I’m happy to hear that he is doing more


I got to say, I thoroughly enjoyed James Potter and the Morgan Webb. It had a rough start, but the story finishes up quite nicely.

By the end of the book, Morgan Webb has become my favorite book in the series. For a rating, I would give this a 9.5/10. It was that good! Some may think it’s too high, but the mystery plot is why it’s at that point for me!

There’s one more book to read(so far). And that’s the James Potter and the Crimson Thread. Don’t know when I will read it. Got a few first impression blogs to write. But, I will get to it by sometime next week, or the week after next. And as soon as I finish it, I will have the review for it.

After that, I don’t know what I will read next. I may read the Mistborn series and give a review over that. But, I may take a stint off of doing book reviews for a while.

But, thank you guys for taking your time to read my review. If you want to read the James Potter Series, you can do so here!. It’s a good read.

So, until the next post, bye!

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