James Potter and the Curse of the Gatekeeper Review

Curse of the Gatekeeper

James Potter and the Curse of the Gatekeeper Review

Well guys and gals, welcome to my 2nd review of the James Potter series. This book that I’m reviewing is titled Curse of the Gatekeeper!!

If you haven’t read my first review of the James Potter Series, I gave some background about this Harry Potter fanfic. The author who wrote this fanfic, is G. Norman Lippert.

I want to start this review off by saying….This isn’t my favorite book in the series. The story wasn’t as good as Halls of Elder Crossing. And with some characters felt underdeveloped. At times, I just wanted this book to end. It’s not bad, but some parts could have been better.

But, the last few chapters saved it.


Like I’ve stated in my opening of this review, the story for the Gatekeeper seem to take a step back from the series overall. In the last book, we are in the adventure of the kids finding out about the Merlin plot. Lippert took us on a journey about twist and turns of the story. And like I stated in the last review, James Potter series felt like it was a detective type of book. We also got to see how James would be in his first year at Hogwarts. And to see if it mirrors Harry & Ginny’s Potter time there.

I had a similar complaint with the story length as I did with the last one. In the Halls of Elder Crossing, the chapters was too long; and some just felt out of place. Curse of the Gatekeeper is the same, but in a different way. The thing that bugs me about this book, is the length of some of the chapters. Not the count, the length. Some of the chapters stretch on and on.

The length of the chapters made some parts boring. I felt like some of the information given didn’t push the plot forward. And if the author trimmed down the length, nothing would have been lost. I’m in no way downing this book because of the length; this was just something that I felt could have been shorten

Our favorite characters are back. The main two, James Potter and Ralph is here. Sad to say Zane isn’t….Let’s drink some koolaid for our lost pal….No, he just moved to the states. He is a school closer to where he lives. But, he still appears in this book as a hologram. Don’t fear! Lippert added more characters to the story. We get Rose(Hermione & Ron’s Daughter), Albus(Harry & Ginny’s Son; James little brother) and Scorpius(Draco Malfoy son). They each bring in there own personality. And you know the Potters will clash with Scorpius because of namesake. But, they became friends at the end(Crazy, huh?).

There are some surprises in this book that will have your jaw drop. 1st and foremost it’s about the sorting of the houses. Scorpius is Gryffindor! Wow! And Albus becomes Slytherin! That was something that was out of nowhere. I half expected James to be a Slytherin. But, once he was made Gryffindor, I thought it would be a shoe in for Albus to be one. But nope. That’s a kicker. Also, to see Scorpius to be a Gryffindor. But, once you start reading, you’ll understand why they are in the houses that there in. And, Slytherin isn’t as bad as they was in Harry Potter time. It’s just one person and a few of her friends that still caring on like that.

Just tipping off that this next thing is a huge spoiler! G. Norman Lippert kills off Mr Weasley!! Yep, you read that right. Now, I felt a little mad about this. Granted, it explains a situation about James later on in the story. And, if you are HP fans, this isn’t new. JK Rowling made a statement during Order of the Phoenix that she was going to kill off Mr Weasley, but decided against it. But with this story, even if its shock value, it’s something that I found useless to the plot. Lippert could of found another way to push James character along.

The wild thing about Curse of the Gatekeeper, we don’t get to the main storyline until we are half way into the book. But, we do get some bits of backstory developing for some characters in the story. For one, we learn how Ted is part werewolf. He isn’t fully one. It’s because of Tonks ability that stops him from being a fully develop werewolf. But, us Harry Potter fans had an inkling this would happen if Rowling would of develop this story even farther.

I can’t stress enough about how this book didn’t have the same detective style as Elder Crossing did. That’s something that I enjoyed about that book. It was something so different than the regular HP books. Elder Crossing had a “Batman” vibe to it. But in this series, James Potter is the “Batman”. The one who is discovering clues and is trying hard to figure it out. Those traits are not seen in the Curse of the Gatekeeper. It was no “Investigating” going on. Each clue or plot device was given to them. They didn’t have to search and see what it is. Even the bloodline was handed to them on a silver platter.

While reading Curse of the Gatekeeper, you will notice that there is two story lines in play. One is dealing with Voldemort’s bloodline; and the other is about the Gatekeeper returning.

I felt like Lippert drop the ball with the bloodline plot. On the grand scale of thing, I think that part was more important than the Gatekeeper being released. We didn’t get that much story from the bloodline part until the last few chapters. And in the final chapters, once the trio learned about the bloodline, the Gatekeeper took the backseat. I believe the bloodline would have been a better plot device for the story. We see the Gatekeeper at the end, but it’s so anti-climatic, that I couldn’t believe Lippert took time to write it.

One last point to make. The back and forth of questioning of Merlin was absurd. The trio seeing if he is good or evil. This plot felt like Severus Snape background all over again. I felt like these kids are smarter than that. They should of realize if Merlin wanted to kill them, he wouldn’t need the Gatekeeper to finish him off. His skill is much greater than Dumbledore’s. And common sense dictates that he wouldn’t need a person to help him in defeating the muggles.


Although I have some dislike with some things dealing with Curse of the Gatekeeper, I enjoyed reading it.

I wish that G. Norman Lippert would have had this as a detective book. It would have been more interesting to read.

Also, I wish that the length of the chapters could have been cut down. I feel like reading some of the chapters was a chore. It’s like watching “filler episodes” of TV shows.

Overall, I would rate this as a 7/10. It’s a good book, but a step back from Halls of Elder Crossing.


Guys, I hope you enjoyed this read of James Potter and the Curse of the Gatekeeper! If you read it, please comment your opinions about it!


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