James Potter and the Vault of Destiny Review

Vault of Destiny

James Potter and the Vault of Destiny Review

This review may contain spoilers to Vault of Destiny

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Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen! I am writing another book review for the 3rd book in the series of the James Potter fanfic. And this one is titled: James Potter and the Vault of Destiny.

Also this fanfic series is created by G. Norman Lippert. And, if you want to read more of his stories, you can visit his site!

Guys, let me get this off my chest. This may sound a little bias. I feel that this is the best book in this series by far! What I love about Vault of Destiny, is that Lippert returned the series back into the detective style that’s presented in the Hall of Elder Crossing. Sadly, the 2nd book in the series, Curse of the Gatekeeper, did not the detective theme. that’s the prime reason why I didn’t like the book as much as Hall of Elders Crossing.

Enough of my babbling. Let’s move forward with the review!

Vault of Destiny Review

Like I’ve stated at the opening of this review, Vault of Destiny is my favorite book in this series! Primarily, because it went back to the style that I loved in Hall of Elders Crossing…Detective style. A good mystery. Find the clues to see the answer. This style of writing is what separates him from the Harry Potter Series. This series had the whole “Who done it” feel to it. Unlike Harry Potter.

This book Almost reminds me of Sherlock Holmes. Each chapter will leave you on the edge of your seat. Other blog topics got in the way from me finishing this review!

Being that Hogwarts is located in Scotland, we don’t hear anything about schools that are located in America(Except that one small mention in Goblet of Fire). Were you like me? Did you ever wish that Harry Potter would show American wizard schools? Guess what? You get your wish!….Even IF it’s in a fanfic(You got to win battles in some form of fashion, right?).

In the Vault of Destiny, Lippert has them travel to New York for a wizarding school called “Alma Aleron”.

This school is relate-able to us Americans. They do things like watch the television! Something that you don’t get to see in Hogwarts….Which brings me to a question. What does Hogwarts do outside of homework? >_>

Vault of Destiny has a more engaging story than the past two. There’s so much detail that you have to pay attention to, to understand what is going on. A plus from getting through the last book is details about a certain event is one of the focus in this book. I applaud Lippert for his great foreshadowing of events.

This then leads me to why I love his detective style about the book. I would advise you to stay on top of your reading game for this. There are things in the book that you would think isn’t necessary. But later on, BAM there it is! There wasn’t a boring chapter in the whole book because of that. And this was something I criticized with the last book. And gladly, Vault of Destiny did things better!

Which brings me up to the comparison of Vault of Destiny and my critical review of Curse of the Gatekeeper. In Curse of the Gatekeeper, I stated that some of the chapters were too long. And by creating long chapters, as a reader, you want to speed read it. Yeah I know, it’s bad. I felt some of the chapters in CotG was too long and didn’t even mattered in the long run with the plotline as the whole. I felt Lippert wrote these long chapters and didn’t know when to stop!

But with Vault of Destiny, this is not a problem. All of the chapters are at the right length. And the best thing to note is that none of the chapters felt “useless” to the main story. Everything in the chapter leads up to the big climax of the story. It seems like there were clues in every paragraph of a chapter. And I bet if I go back to read it again, I can find clues.

Which is complemented by the detective style of the book :).

We are welcome back by familiar faces from last books. Our daredevil Zane is reunited with Ralph & James! If you read the past two books, then you know that Zane is the outgoing of the trio. As matter of fact, he jumps starts the story in Vault of Destiny!

We also get to see some other people, too. Like Benjamin Franklin. Who hates to hear “It’s all about the Benjamins”….Also, Theodore Jackson. Who’s nickname is Stonewall. Man, were me and my friends this lame about coming up with nicknames like these?


Okay, guys/gals, something to strongly note about Vault of Destiny. If you haven’t read the past 2 books in this series, I would highly advise you to go read them before you even THINK of reading this book. It’s odd for me to say because I started with Prisoner of Azkaban. If you read this one before the other two, you will be completely lost.

I say this because Vault of Destiny revolves around the character Petra. Petra had little backstory in Hall of Elders Crossing. But, by the second book, you will know her. And by not reading that, you will be lost. She does things in this book that raised questions from the Curse of the Gatekeeper.

Another thing to note. G. Norman Lippert did a publish book outside of this series. And the book he did was about Petra. And some of the events in that book is focused in this book. I haven’t read it yet. So, I really don’t have a judgment on if you should read it or not. But, Lippert did state at the beginning that it’s not needed to understand the story. He also said, if you really want to read it, go buy it before the 4th chapter of Vault of Destiny. But, if you like his writing, I would highly suggest that you read it!.

Again, Vault of Destiny is a good fanfic! This book went back to the detective mystery story that I enjoyed in Hall of Elders Crossing. You will see surprises in the book that you didn’t think would happen. Lippert did a great job at character development. Every character that is in the book is well thought of. This is the 3rd out of 5 books in the James Potter fanfic series. Like I stated before, Vault of Destiny is the best one so far. My opinion could change by the end of the series.


Overall, I give James Potter and the Vault of Destiny a 9/10. It’s that good of a book. The story is engaging, and it’s a page-turner!

Now, with the next one, we are moving into uncharted territories. What I mean by that, is I have yet read the last two books in the series. I’ve read the first three but never seen the download link for the last two. So, this will be a whole new experience for me. And hey, maybe I will have a new favorite? I don’t know.

Now, I will be in a “limbo” so to speak for the next review. I’m not entirely sure when I will read it. I’m going to be doing some gaming topics; with TV reviews sprinkle here and there. So, not sure when I will get to it. But, rest assured, I WILL DO IT!

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