Nintendo is set to Re-Release NES Classic Mini!

NES Classic Mini

Nintendo is set to Re-Release NES Classic Mini!

Earlier last week, the world received news that Nintendo is re-releasing NES Classic Mini next year!!

I know what you are saying guys, “Not another Nintendo blog. You really need to find something else to talk about”. I know guys, but Nintendo is a BIG game company. And regardless of how I feel about their previous classic consoles disaster, I have to tell it to you guys. Plus, this may be good news!!! To a wide view of people, mind you.

As you all know, Nintendo put out the SNES Classic Mini this year. And if you read my previous blog about the pre-orders of it, then you may know my distaste for Nintendo’s wording. Which brings up another question, are we ready for round 3?

Now, if you remember, there was a huge fiasco with NES Classic Mini. The fiasco? Well, the system sold out quick. And I do mean, quick. It was hard finding that system at the ORIGINAL PRICE! Once scalpers got their hands on it, the price exceeded the $60.00 price tag that Nintendo put out for it. Sites like Amazon was selling it for 200 dollars! Way over the top price for this type of system. Don’t get me wrong, I love NES, but I won’t be paying that amount for an unoriginal NES system. Nintendo did not put the “Limited Supply” until later. **smh**.


I expected N64. I figured with NES coming out last year, and SNES this year. It would be a shoe-in for N64. This was assuming they would keep doing classic series. I’m not “disappointed”, but may have to sacrifice my sanity to purchase one!

Don’t judge me.

But, with Nintendo re-releasing NES Classic Mini, this may very well be a good thing for us consumers. Majority of us didn’t get it. And for those that did, they had to pay an outrageous price to get one. So, by them doing this, we may actually be able to get one. And to be frank, some of us won’t even be able to get the SNES Classic Mini. With this news, this is the best shot we have!!

And we know how Nintendo does things. So, we have to be in line EARLY to even have a chance at getting NES Classic Mini. If not, the same thing will happen to us again. Wash. Rinse, Repeat.

Still, Should we trust Nintendo. We got to keep one foot in and another out about trusting what this company says. I truly hope that they will put out enough stock of the NES Classic Mini, but history says otherwise. We have to think of this as a “Limited Release” from the start so we won’t be let down….Again.



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