Raven’s Home is in their Groove

Raven's Home

Raven’s Home is in their Groove

This will sound crazy. I am back with another Raven’s Home blog!! This show is hitting on all cylinders since the last time I reviewed it. Which surprises me. Not saying I wanted this show to fail on its face, but it wasn’t something that I think would be so good! Well, this show surprised me!

Raven’s Home

A few weeks back, I did a blog about Raven’s Home. In this blog, I was discussing how they were doing stuff right that Girl Meets World didn’t do. And from watching some more episodes of Raven’s Home, I stand corrected. This may have some disagreement with old generation fans of both shows, but Raven’s Home 1st season is miles better than GMW. GMW had rough first 2-3 episodes, but Raven’s Home has come out the gate running full speed! Something to be shocked about.

And shocking is a good word to use. I’m very, VERY surprise about this show! It’s more of how well this show is doing. As a person who watched That’s So Raving growing up, I had reservations about this show. Yeah, Girl Meets World was doing well. Even Fuller House is doing good. But, That’s So Raven was something that I watch from beginning to end and not have to see it through repeats(Well, Full House I have seen some new episodes, but I was in elementary at that time and not tried to catch all new episodes of it).

Raven's Home

I was like “Please don’t ruin this!” But, I’m happy to say that they didn’t! The writers know that the adults will be the ones watching it. And I’m happy that they catered to both the young & old crowd!.

You know, growing up, sometimes you hate to be “taught” stuff outside of school. The one thing about That’s So Raven, even though it’s comedic, it didn’t shy away from teaching you lessons and diving into “deep” topics.

The one thing people will knock Disney for is not allowing “Hard Topics” to be displayed in their kid shows. Heck, ask any GMW fan and they will say that was the main reason the show got canned. Well, Raven’s Home will like to speak to you. This isn’t going to be a spoiler blog, but I just got through watch an episode from Raven’s Home that is exactly “deep”. Like, something that I wouldn’t even EXPECT to happen. Again, Raven’s Home is a comedy, just like other Disney shows. But, the way that a character dealt with a situation about her kid’s dad was something I didn’t expect.

When I was little Disney would do that type of stuff. Granted, when I was a kid I didn’t understand. But, when I was in my late teenage years nearing adulthood, I have seen Disney change. Then it “clicked” to me. Disney wasn’t as daring as they were back in the day. But now, it seems like they making that swift turn to be like they used to be! And I’m glad they took a risk with this show in particular!

Some adults my age maybe “Too cool to school” about Disney and won’t turn it on to see it. But, this show is everything that you remembered and loved about That’s So Raven!


To conclude this post, Raven’s Home is really good.

I’m being really serious here. If you haven’t watch it, you should do so. Especially if you grew up watching That’s So Raven Era. Raven’s Home brings back the same hysterical laughter that their counterpart brought, and more!! If you feel embarrassed, grab your kid and sit down and watch it!


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