Review before the Review: Watch Dogs 2

Review before the Review: Watch Dogs 2

So, I haven’t done a review….in a LOOOONNNNNGGGG time(You also can say that about blogs too >_>). I want to go back in the driving seat and this is it. When I usually get games, I would write “First Impressions”; and this is quite similar to it. Just changed the name of it. This is basically the “preview” of the review for the game Watch Dogs 2. Eventually, crossing my fingers, I will write a full review for this game…..hopefully!

I have to admit. I never played the first Watch Dogs. Wanted it, but never got it. I had a backlog of games to play plus school, that I never added that game to my library. So, when this game came out I HAD to jump off my behind to get this game. I got to say, I’m glad I did. As you know, I enjoy the open world games. Specifically, open world games like: GTA, Saints Row(Although, I quit after “The Third”), Assassin’s Creed. Of course, I had to get this game.

I really love the concept of this game. The hacking in every mission. I am a game programmer, so this is a great feature that popped in my head. I love the story for it. And as I understand, it isn’t that much of a connection to the first one. I guess for those who’s playing this for the first time could be considered a great thing.

Now, I think this game is good. Had a good plot to it. WD2 has a GTA feel to it. They like to base the game off of a satire. You can probably guess the companies in this game also some of the story in the game. It’s not super similar, but just the satire part is what I liked about it. I like the hacks in the game. I just feel like some of the upgrades is kind of worthless. There’s like 3-4 upgrades that will help you out through the missions. But, this could be because of my playstyle. Majority of the times I play run’n’gun style. Some times I play stealth. If you play stealthy, then yeah, I can see majority of the gadgets being of use to you. I mainly use the disabling of machines, and use the rest outside of the missions…..Odd. But, something fun to do once I beat the game!

The graphics is pretty cool too. Not over the top. And it doesn’t take away from other areas of the game. Graphics definitely don’t take away from the gameplay of the game. The gameplay is pretty good. Driving isn’t all the way good, and the car selection isn’t the best, but if you search around you can find pretty fast cars.

Well, this is the end of my review before the review. I will write a more in-depth review for this game. All-in-all, I believe this is a game you all should get!

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Awesome can’t wait for the full review. I want so much to get this game, might pick it up soon because it looks really cool and I have heard great things about it so far.
-Luna 🙂

Joe Storm

It’s a good game! There’s different ways to approach missions in this game. Can go stealth or gun blazing.