Rockstar Remastering LA Noire!

LA Noire

Rockstar Remastering LA Noire

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Well, guys, we got some big news from Rockstar games! If you don’t know, Rockstar is bringing a remaster LA Noire to the new generation of consoles! Cool, right! This is something that came out of LEFT FIELD!

This was something that I did NOT expect at all. As matter of fact, after RS delayed Read Dead Redemption 2, I did not expect them to come out with anything. Much less a game! I’m happy that they are remastering LA Noire, which was a good game.

Seeing that they will come out with a remaster version of this game, is unbelievably cool. But, I have ONE gripe. I wish they was coming out with LA Noire 2. I’ve been waiting for a sequel for the longest. But, I take this than not remembering the game at all.

I never played a detective type of game. So, I was skeptical of playing LA Noire. But once I did, I fell in love with it.

This was another Non-GTA game of RS that I decided to get at the last minute. And even then, the only reason I heard of it was for the controversy of the game. There was so many delays to the game; Also, Rockstar had to step in, because the director was messing up. If you look at the credits, you will see nothing but Rockstar people creating the game.

The best thing about the game was the open world feel to it. Granted, in this game there’s not that much to do. You are a cop, mind you. You can’t kill people like in the GTA series. But, you get to answer calls of distress. I had fun doing that.

I’m a big fan of the story. I didn’t like the cases at the end, but I enjoyed the story.

Like I’ve stated in the beginning, I expected a sequel to the game. Yes, the studio who made it was in disarray. But, I at least expected RS to pass it on to another studio to complete it. But, I didn’t get my wish.

Well, we get a remastered version of LA Noire. And this version is like GTA V. Basically, an update in graphics. And may have new things scattered around the city. And, more importantly, this game will utilize 4K. If you have the PS4 Pro or the Xbox One X, you are in luck!

The consoles that LA Noire will be on is:

  • PS4
  • Xbox One
  • Nintendo Switch and
  • HTC Vive

You heard me right, Nintendo Switch. That took me by surprise when I read it. Can’t believe another RS title is going to Nintendo(With their guidelines). Granted, it’s not a GTA game, it’s more on the detective side.

Now, each console will have special stuff, but it’s the HTC Vive that will have a BIGGER upgrade for the LA Noire version. Rockstar is testing Virtual Reality with the HTC Vive. They will have cases that is tailored for the VR. It’s not like they will just reuse the detective cases from the main game and translate it to VR, but it will be brand new cases that’s separate from the game. So, us non-VR players ain’t missing much.

To repeat this phrase again, I’m excited for this. I’ve been meaning to replay LA Noire for the longest on my PS3 version. I still may pop it in now. But, with all the excitement, I’m on the fence about purchasing it. I already have it for the PS3. Whenever I get the Nintendo Switch, I may think about it. And, I’m not into VR. So, I don’t even care enough to get a Vive just for this. But, I’m happy that it’s out there so that I could pick it up if I do want it.

To conclude this blog, I really like this announcement about LA Noire getting remastered. I’m still on a wait and see approach. I will still watch walkthrough of the games to see all of the changes.

Now, for those of you who will rush to your local store to get it, LA Noire comes out on November 14 of this year!!


What do you all think of this announcement? Are you all in, in getting LA Noire?

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LA Noire was the first game on my PS3 that I earned a platinum trophy for. This remaster begs the question of if I do it all over again for another platinum on the PS4.