SNES Classic Pre-Order Sold Out

SNES Classic pre-order

SNES Classic Pre-Order Sold Out

Another blog dealing with the beloved SNES. This time, the SNES Classic mini. But, I’m here with bad news. Nintendo, goofed up with the SNES Classic pre-order.

I can’t believe that Nintendo mess this up again! After last year, you think they will learn. Nope, they at it again with these shenanigans. And this is BEFORE the classic hits the shelves!!

Now, with the SNES Classic pre-order fiasco going on, should we trust Nintendo with another of these classic system hits? If they keep with this trend, N64 will be the next of line. Now, the N64 is my system! Had some of my favorite games on there. This is something I hope that they don’t goof on. The N64 is some people favorite console. I would shutter to think of the hate mail Nintendo will get if they botch this up.

So, the real question is….Should we trust them?

SNES Classic Mini Announcement

SNES Classic Mini

Nintendo Messes up the SNES Classic Pre-Order

Hmmm, this outrage sound familiar, huh? Something like a Deja Vu moment, right? Well, that’s because it is. The sad part about this, it’s before it hit the shelves. We talking about pre-orders(I’m trying to make a “We talking about practice” joke…).

Anyways, I can’t see how they can mess this SNES Classic pre-order up. You would think of all the things to get right, is pre-ordering. Nintendo could of use this as a starting point on how many they should produce. Even though they stated earlier that they were making more units than the NES Classic mini.

They reportedly are having 10 units per store/gamestop store. Come on now with that! They KNOW that this isn’t enough! They claim that they will have more in stock in this go around, yet limit the purchases of the system with stores. Wouldn’t the easy way to go with this is to sell it on your website? Or is that to hard for you.

Nope, I think this whole thing is a sham. Nintendo kept the “Limited supply” phrase out of the first news statement. They got us all hype by saying that they have more in stock; which is clearly a lie at this point.

Couple of stores(Walmart) screwed up by having the SNES Classic pre-order out earlier then it should. Then when they are suppose to have it, they didn’t give a proper announcement for it. Same with Gamestop. So, when the SNES Classic pre-order was online, they quickly sold out of it. Not giving everybody a shot for it

Get it together Nintendo!

Can we trust Nintendo with more releases? Well, let me get to that right now

Should we be hyped for the next Classic Release?

Okay, we may or may not see another classic release from Nintendo next year. And as gamers, we may become entitled in thinking that we will have one. But, this is a clear trend. We had NES Classic mini released last year; and this year SNES Classic mini. So, of course, we will have one next year. Now, after that, things may be tricky. After N64 was Gamecube. Not quite sure we will see that so soon.

But, we are playing the what-if game at the moment. So, if they do continue this trend that means N64 will be released to us next year around this time. Now, this is where I perk up. N64 is my FAVORITE console ever!! This is the one that I go googly eyes for. Don’t get me wrong, I love NES & SNES. But, N64 is the console that got me addicted to gaming. I haven’t had fun with any Nintendo console since then. I’m hoping that the switch could be a good replacement. But, we will see.



Should we trust them to do right this time? After last year debacle and the mess up SNES Classic pre-order screwing up; should we get excited for this?

Should us gamers be hyped for this?

One hand, I shouldn’t be. Look at what they did with NES & SNES. NES, they left off the meaning of “limited”. They never stated the supply number when the news first broke off. And then when NES was released, people had to deal with scalpers and companies jacking the price up(Just look at Amazon!). With SNES, there pre-orders are already sold out!! And they are giving a limited amount to stores! **Angry Face**.

But, the other side of me is a little hype. Again, N64 is my favorite system to date. I still have it plugged to my TV. Granted, some of my games is misplaced. So, I am happy for this. But, I’m not naive. I won’t be getting into a hissy fit once I see the same mistakes happen like they did previously.

Again, this is just wishful thinking.


We are hearing this story over and over again. This shouldn’t be that hard, guys. Give us old schoolers something to play! Lol Well, besides the PS4, Xbox One and Switch….>_>

But, I thought Nintendo learned there lesson in this go around. Seeing what the fiasco of NES did. Clearly, they didn’t.

With SNES Classic pre-order messing up, I hope they can get it together for the next release. That’s saying if they continue this trend. Which I hope. But at this point, does it matter if they did?


I hope that you like the blog! Comment below your thoughts about the SNES Classic pre-order being sold out in a matter of minutes!

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