Something Inhuman This Way Comes


Something Inhuman This Way Comes

Inhuman’s last episode, Something Inhuman This Way Comes, was a good episode to watch!

This episode brought all the action, and are finally going to get the main plot to work: Getting Maximus off the throne. The season is ending in the next two episodes. So things are ramping up.

This is my first TV review over Inhuman. I did a blog post about how wrong the critics were last week. I felt that the critics were harsh on this show for no reason at all. There were some parts that were boring, but I felt that we should give it a chance; I did, and I like it. It’s not the best Marvel show, but it’s not terribly bad that I will skip it.

But, I don’t know If I will do anymore. May do a season finale one.

Let’s get the review going…

Something Inhuman This Way Comes Episode Review

Like I’ve stated in my opening, this episode was jam pack with action. This past couple of weeks was basically storytelling. Almost forgot that the season finale is around the corner.

My favorite scenes were the ones with Medusa & Black Bolt. As you recall from the last episode, Black Bolt was in a laboratory with a Doctor who Bolt thought was protecting him. Bolt and the guy he was with(Also, an Inhuman) broke out of the place. Then was cornered. But Medusa and the scientist saved him. They also captured one of Maximus assassins sent to kill them.

They have been on the run the whole season. I was happy to see them reunited in the last episode.

So happens the woman that they captured got a call from Maximus. Medusa got the device from her and started to talk to Maximus. This caught him off guard. Then, he was surprised to hear Medusa saying that Black Bolt is coming to have some “Words” with him.

In my Ben Savage voice, “Uh-Oh!”.

Another good thing from this episode is that the band is back together! That’s right, Medusa & Bolt and Gorgon and Karnak are finally back together! The only one that is missing, is Chrystal(Medusa’s sister).

Maximus is having a rough time being King. Which is not surprising. His own dad said that no human should ever be King of the Inhumans. And his staff is letting it be known. Some are even questioning his leadership.

Maximus is still trying to capture Bolt & the crew. He is combing through every database to see who can capture them. This is a difficult task for him. Especially, because things aren’t going his way in the kingdom.

Something else to note. It was nice to see Karnak develop feelings other than worry….Well, it was nice to see Karnak to develop any type of feelings, really. He hit it off with the girl with that pot group. Instead of arguing with Gorgon about the way Gorgon saved him, he thanks him. Something Gorgon has never seen from him.


Something Inhuman this way comes was a really good episode!

I’m hoping for a second season! This season was pretty good. There were some shaky parts, yes, but the show picked up! And like I’ve stated in my last post, critics were way too harsh on this show. They didn’t give this show a chance!

Either way, we got to wait to see till the season finale!

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