Can the Success of Wonder Woman Propel Justice League Movie?

Justice League movie

Can the Success of Wonder Woman Propel Justice League Movie?

It’s Happening!! Justice League movie is slowly approaching us and the question that’s on my mind is can the success of Wonder Woman propel the Justice League movie?

This question sounds crazy, right? I know that. Let’s not forget that DC has a crazy track record with their movie. Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad. Yep, I said those movies out loud. Another thing to say out loud is….I liked the movies >_>….That’s my unpopular point of the year. But, more on that later.

The trailers for Justice League movie seems to be heading the success route. And guess who’s the focal point of the movie? Wonder Woman. Which then points to my main question: Does Wonder Woman Success Propels the Justice League Movie?

See guys. See how I rap it up with a bow like that?

No, want me to explain more? Okay, let’s do this

DC Track Record

Yes, guys, I know this may be something you don’t want to talk about but we got to have some talk about DC’s track record dealing with their movies.

There’s one point that we all can collectively agree upon: Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale’s Batman trilogy is the best movies that DC has ever done. Well, that’s obvious! Well, let me state more obvious points.

Nolan’s Batman brought the seriousness into DC world. That’s why we now expect DC to be more serious and not comical(like Marvel movies). Before them, Batman was just goofy. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed those movies when I was a kid. But looking at them now….Got me thinking. Why did I even like them? It’s like looking back at the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers movie…..**Sigh**

Nolan’s direction with the trilogy was good. You could tell Nolan and Bale had great chemistry. Bale’s take on Batman was crazy good. He’s the reason why I love Batman all over again! The only thing I didn’t like, was Bale’s Batman voice in the Dark Knight. Other than that, the series was good.

Justice League

Here’s my unpopular opinion I stated earlier. I liked Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad. Unfortunately, the world didn’t. With Batman v Superman, some felt that Justice League was rushed too fast.

And, as you know, the other members might have a movie come out in a year or two. Some think that they should have done the Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg movie before they released the Justice League movie. All valid points, but I believe they waited too long for this movie. Hence, why they releasing it now.

Now with Suicide Squad, some felt it too funny. Even some said they didn’t like the actor choices. I remember when they wanted to do reshoots because some scenes were too serious.

The only thing that grinded my gears for a bit, was Jared Leto’s take on Joker. He seemed to be trying way too hard to play Joker. I don’t know if it is Jared Leto or the character itself. And, it was hard for anyone to play Joker after Heath Ledgers take on our 2nd favorite clown(First being Pennywise 🙂 ).

But, let’s not poo on DC. The greatest thing they have going now is their TV shows. They have Arrow, Supergirl, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and next year, Black Lightning. They all are doing good. Some shows have their up and down seasons. But overall, the shows are pretty good

What needs to happen, is DC needs to transfer their success from the TV series to their movies. Yes, that may be hard. But, they have a good formula going for the DCTV. They gotta figure out a way for DCEU to have similar success.

Wonder Woman Success

Now, we’ve talked about the negative things. Let’s discuss the highlight of their success.

Okay, this goes without saying. This movie main success was that it empowers woman. This is no man vs woman opinions. This is facts.

And to be honest with you, I can’t think of any good solo female superhero movies that were this good. Halle Berry’s Catwoman was pretty boring. Which was bad, because I remember looking forward to that. I loved her performance as Storm in X Men.

Xena: The Warrior Princess was good. But, it’s not a movie. Granted, that was my favorite show growing up!

Wonder woman was something special. In that a woman can be powerful and highly intelligent and don’t have to wear gimpy outfits; Like others before her did.

Again, Wonder Woman wasn’t expected to do well because of the DC movies before it. And this prediction was a shame. WW was the most interesting character in Batman v Superman.

Even with those odds, Wonder Woman became a blockbuster hit for DC/WB. The movie grossed $821.6 million dollars for them! Hey, that’s big! DC/WB, can you lend me a couple of million?

But, are you starting to see why this success can propel the Justice League Movie?

A big plus is that Wonder Woman seems to be the main attraction in the Justice League movie trailers. It seems she is the “second-in-command”. Granted, that was easy because she met Batman first. And they did team up in BvS.

This all adds up to helping Justice League movie success.

Justice League movie

Justice League Movie

Of all the comic team movies, Justice League was the main team that I wanted to see get a movie. I was a BIG fan of JL growing up. Between them and Fantastic Four, my Saturdays were action-packed. The main reason why I liked Justice League was that of Batman and Superman. I didn’t understand their comic story backgrounds. But, that didn’t stop me from sitting in front of my TV.

This is just me. I feel like this Justice League movie should have been out in theaters way before the first Avenger movie! The time was right when Christian Bale was Batman! Even after the trilogy ended people were speculating if there will be a JL movie. But, a little while after the trilogy ended, talks died out. Then the Avengers happened, which people didn’t even think about a Justice League movie. It was all Marvel.

But, like the saying goes, better late than never….

Of course, this Justice League movie will kick off the member’s superhero movies. We already know about Wonder Woman. Aquaman, for sure, will have a movie. The Flash Is suppose to be having one too.

But The Flash movie may have some problems. They were trying to create a flash movie for ages. Maybe this is the right time to create it!

No word on Cyborg. But, with all the characters. Cyborg is the one that I am most interested in. His backstory seems to be the most interesting one of them all.

Even though I am hype for this movie and every hero having their own movie, there’s some who believe that they are rushing this movie too fast after Batman v Superman came out. They think that they should go the Marvel route and develop their characters.

If this was any other time before 2017, I would have agreed with that. But, I feel the opposite. I believe that they needed to do this. Let’s state facts. This movie is long overdue. And DC/WB is behind in Marvel. Heck, Marvel is about to release Thor: Ragnarok; and Avengers: Infinity War is in development. DC is on their FIRST Justice League movie! In their eyes, they want to speed things up.

And they have to, really. By the time DC/WB go the Marvel route, Marvel will have a new team of Avengers to replace the originals!

Does the success of Wonder Woman propel the Justice League movie?

With all that being said, I feel like the success of Wonder Woman does wonder for the first Justice League movie. Her domestic numbers alone will help the movie. Even her impact on the team will help Justice League movie

Look at the JL trailers. She is the most prominent hero that is shown. WB knows what they are doing. Wonder Woman was such a big deal for them. Of course, they will promote her the most.

Even though we are on the hype train, I think the Justice League movie will do really well. I like the characters they have. And even though some say it rush, they seem to have a mini backstory for each character in the movie. But, the only ones that I want that’s not there, is Green Lantern and Green Arrow.

WB, get Stephen Amell to do it!!

I think that DC is on track with the way they are doing things now. Some of their recent movies have been mixed, but they aren’t backing down from doing anything. And that’s never a bad thing.


All in all, I’m looking forward to the Justice League movie.

I can’t wait to see the characters on the big screen. And it’s about time they show more of DC superheroes. All we see is Batman and Superman. DC has a world of superheroes that’s more than those two.

I hope that this Justice League movie is good so that we can see a sequel. From the looks of it, this may be the only time we see Batman in films. We are supposed to have a solo Batman movie, but directors are changing left and right!

And of course, we will have a 2nd Wonder Woman movie. Is there any doubt in that?

With Aquaman and Flash, we are in a wait and see approach. Their solo movies rely heavily on this movie doing good. So, I’m crossing my fingers. With Flash, I’m wondering if DC/WB will do the movie version the same as the TV version.

What do you all think You think Justice League movie will be lifted from the Wonder Woman success? Comment below!

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