Suits Season 7 Summer Finale Review

Suits Season 7 Summer Finale

Suits Season 7 Summer Finale Review

This post contains spoilers to Suits Season 7 Summer Finale episode!

Guys, another episode of Suits is upon us!!!! This episode is properly named, “Donna”. It seems every episode is about Donna, huh?

Anyways, in the Suits Season 7 Summer Finale, storylines presented in the show, is properly closed.

Suits Season 7 Shame


Suits Season 7 Summer Finale

This was a great episode! Suits Season 7 Summer Finale came by quick! Some will claim the first half of Season 7 wasn’t good, but I felt like they got their act together. This season introduced a new character that I hope to stick past this season. Also, we are back into good storylines!

Speaking of storylines, I like how some of these had good closures. One storyline may sprout into the 2nd half of the season, but I like that we didn’t have to wonder about the other storylines. I liked how they didn’t “Rush” to end it, but gradually concluded them.



Now, the main highlight of this episode was Donna(Hence, the title of this episode is called “Donna”). She’s a key player in the episode. Don’t forget, that Andy lawyer dude ended up serving Donna with a subpoena. So, she has to testify in the case dealing with Mike & Harvey. And with the last episode, she is peeved at Louis because he was supposed to do a Mock trial to prepare Donna.

Okay, about that mock trial thing. The one thing that I didn’t like about this episode, was Donna’s attitude toward Louis. As we know, Louis was supposed to do a Mock trial; but decided against it, because Louis thought of another reason to avoid her taking the stand altogether. Andy came out with another case that Harvey & Donna didn’t know about. Because of that, she blamed Louis for not preparing her.

Situations like this get on my nerves and have to stop. The suitors need to stop placing blame on Louis! Louis means no harm with this. This is all on Donna & Harvey. Not Louis!

With Louis, I believe he is the definition of good “Character development”. Louis has grown so much through the season. He is easily a fan favorite.

One thing that I love about this season overall, is the Zane & Zane tag team dynamic! Through these 7 seasons, we never have seen Robert and his daughter Rachel team up. They always at one another throat because of the choices Rachel makes. Robert can’t accept that Rachel is growing up. But, these past two episodes, they have been doing great! Roberts temper nearly cost his and Rachel’s case. But, Rachel got her dad to cool down, and make sure to get it right this time. They went through some humps, but gladly, stuff didn’t mess up for them.

I’m happy for the growing of their relationship(Another good Character Development).

Duo’s are quite common in the suits universe. There’s Harvey & Mike, Robert Zane, and Rachel….And now, Louis & Alex. I like the dynamic that is forming with Louis & Alex. When suits introduced Alex to the team, it seems like these two wouldn’t get along. But suddenly, they became close. Almost like when Louis & Mike joined up. I believe Alex, is just another Louis. Alex tries to do everything possible to not disappoint his closes friends. I’m happy Louis got a partner like Harvey does with Mike. I hope that we see them in the same situations that Harvey and Mike have been into. It will be interesting to see these two close out cases.

Talking about Mike & Harvey, they’re back to their usual tricks. I think that their storyline against Andy will go into the 2nd half of Season 7. It will be good to see the way Mike ends up beating this smug lawyer.

We were given one last surprise to end the Suits Season 7 Summer Finale….Donna kissed Harvey at the end! Wow! This came after the long talks that Mike and Donna had. Mike telling her not to waste this chance. And also the conversation between Donna and Louis. Louis was describing how his heart felt empty. There’s no going back in time in wishing that he could get Sheila back. So, at the end, Donna got enough courage and kissed Harvey when she exited the office.


I enjoyed the Suits Season 7 Summer Finale!

I couldn’t believe it was the finale, though! The 1st half of season 7, was good. This season took Suits back to its roots!

I can’t wait for the second half of the season to kick off!


How did you like Suits Season 7 Summer Finale?

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