The Growing Problems With Team Killing in Fortnite

Team Killing

The Growing Problems With Team Killing in Fortnite

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Yes, this is another Fortnite blog. This game has been my primary game to play. Even though I have games like Horizon Zero Dawn to complete, this game has taken up most of my time. But, I’ve been playing squads lately. And the one thing that is irking my soul at the moment….Is team killing.

I will try to make this blog short and not try to ramble. But, team killing in Fortnite is something that I have to bring up. So please, bear with me with this…..

Now, I’m in no way saying Fortnite is a bad game.

Nope. Nope. And Nope.

Fortnite Battle Royal is an EXCELLENT game! I love Epic’s interpretation of the battle royal genre. Some would even say it’s even better than PUBG. Which is up for debate.

But, playing squads is a hit or miss. And when team killing is involved, it’s a big miss.

Team killing has been rampant in the game recently. The community is feeling outraged by this. Not outraged enough to quit, but just enough to get Epic’s attention. And this is something that should get their attention. As matter of fact, you can even look in the Reddit’s community. We’ve discussed this to death. Some even shared their own solutions to it. And some of them is really good! You definitely have to read them.

Luckily, Epic gives us a choice to report the players that are team killing. When you get killed by anyone you have the choice to leave and/or report the player. And this is GOOD for this type of game! If you see something that’s off once you are killed, you can report them. Some may misuse this by reporting someone because they got killed. That’s something Epic has to figure out.


But, reporting is especially good if you get killed by a teammate. Just put “Team kill” or “Team Killing”. Epic will understand. You can even explain it even more if you like. I may even do that for now on instead of just “Team Kill”.

But, what irks me about team killing, is I don’t do anything to warrant a teammate killing me. Majority of the time, team killing starts at the beginning of the game. At least, for me. If I drop and get good items, the players decide to shoot me for no reason at all. I always use the report feature for that. And, the majority of the time, the ones that team killed, get demolished by the enemy. SMH.

But, it comes with the territory when you go with randoms. I don’t have a problem with playing squads. I think it’s the most fun section. Heck, squads are the only time I get wins. But, it’s the randomness that will get you. It’s like a lottery ticket. If the numbers hit, you get teammates that are actually helpful and want to win. But, if the numbers don’t hit, you get teammates who purposely shoot you for no reason at all. And that’s scary. But, like I’ve stated earlier, it’s something you have to deal with.

I’m happy that Epic is doing something about it. Epic has released development notes about team killing and what they are doing about it. Epic stated that they’ll come up with a system so that the person who reported the player will know that they are suspended/banned.

That’s something that I’m super happy about. Epic is a company that listens to their fans. And that’s highly appreciative!

There’s nothing else more to do about team killing. Just report them and hope that Epic is doing something about it. I just hate that trolls are making this great game bad.

This is a problem in this game. But, I’m happy that Epic is doing something about it and not just sweeping it under the rug.

What do you all think about team killings in Fortnite?

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To avoid this, I generally only play solos, or a squad that I am in Discord with! Nice post! 🙂