The Brand New 50v50 Mode in Fortnite

50v50 Mode

The Brand New 50v50 Mode in Fortnite

I’m here to write another blog post about the game Fortnite. If you don’t know, Epic put out a new mode in the game called 50v50 mode. It’s basically a team deathmatch for the battle royal genre.

This mode is fun!! I love it to death! I do mean death because I die so many times. >_>. Anyways, it’s really fun once it comes to the ending circle. Because of all the crazy gunfights. As you can see here.

With such a fun game mode, there are some problems. This is a first in a way for the battle royal genre. It’s a limited time mode. Suppose to end on the 17 of this month.

This mode is fun, but there are some things that the 50v50 mode can do better on.

Improvements for the 50v50 Mode

1. Show Green Arrow On Teammates Once Out of the Bust

If you don’t know, once you are on the ground you will see your teammates with the green arrow above their heads. Which is great. You start in a squad of four. But, you will notice that some around you are your teammates as well with the green arrows above their heads.

The problem is when you drop in town you won’t know if the people with you are your teammates. Again, you will know once you hit the ground. Not before it. So, you can be in the air and see a lot of people around you. But, you will not know if the people around you are on your team or not. And this is a BIG problem if you are in one of the smaller towns in the game. Luckily for me, I’ve only experience jumping with enemies a rare occurrence.

But, it could be avoided if they put the green markers on your teammates after you exit the bus. It will be easier for you to know who’s on your team or not. You don’t want to jump into a town full of enemies. RIP. The chance of you making it out alive….Is slim

So, I hope they put this feature in!

2. More Loot

Which brings me to my second point. They should have more loot for the 50v50 mode. Have the loot more spread out.

This mode is great. But, even without the first problem I have with this game, this one would be the most glaring problem!

Let’s say you are one of the lucky ones who drop in a place full of your teammates. What’s the first thing you will do? Loot, right? Right. Here’s the problem. You have to be one of the first ones to pick up items in the house. Because if you don’t, there’s a possibility of you running around with your pix ax the whole game!

Granted. In this 50v50 mode, I’ve seen players actually be nice towards each other and give guns to other people. But, you have to find those people. Until then, if you are the slowest one. Good luck!

This is why I feel Epic should give out more loot just for the 50v50 mode. In squads, you will have plenty of chances to get loot. But this game, you will have to be on the ground QUICK and run to find loot. Or you will be running around panicking and hoping not to get shot. I hope Epic listens to this. Because I’ve seen a lot of people run around with just a pix ax in the game. And I was one of them >_>.

3. Better Communication

This is my last point for this blog post. And as my last point, this may be a minor thing. In 50v50 mode I believe communication is key.

Even though this is a minor suggestion compared to the first two, I think it’s still important. If you’ve been watching this 50v50 mode on youtube or any other video site, you will notice how hectic it is. Better communication could solve some of the hectic in this mode. In this game, you are only audible to the squad that you are in. You won’t be able to speak to anybody outside of your squad members. If you are a SOLO YOLO type of player, this isn’t a big deal. Bu for the rest of us, it is.

Communicating with others is helpful if you need help getting up after being down. And also for the loot situation. If you need weapons you can ask anybody nearby. I’m not saying open up the communication for everyone. Just the ones that are near you. I’ve noticed that this mode gets so hectic that people are not trying to be rude by ignoring you. They just don’t know what you want. If you are downed they don’t know if you are. Communicating to the ones near you can stop this.

I know that this is so little compared to the other two. But better communication could help this game.


I’m enjoying this 50v50 mode in Fortnite.

Especially at the end. When we all can come together and fight.

With small adjustments. This mode could be the mode of the year in any type of game played this year!

What do you all think? Are you liking Fortnite’s 50v50 mode? Comment below!

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