The Last Ship Season 4 Tempest Review

The Last Ship Season 4 Tempest

The Last Ship Season 4 Tempest Review

Guys, I’m here reviewing another TV show. And this one is called The Last Ship Season 4 Tempest.

We are in another battle episode between the Nathan James and the Greek warships. And the Greeks have one mission….To get the seeds. Let’s dive in and see what I thought about The Last Ship Season 4 Tempest episode.

The Last Ship Season 4 Nostos

The Last Ship

The Last Ship Season4 Tempest Breakdown

We are still dealing with the seeds storyline. Which will be the main point of this season. As we know, the seeds are on Nathan James, being guarded at the medical bay. These seeds are supposed to save the world….Let’s put it at the medical bay where people will go in and out because of injuries/sickness….**Palm-In-Face**.

Moving Along.

The main bad guys are trying everything to take control over the seeds again. The villain in this season is seen talking to the commander of the Greek military. He wants the Greek’s to help him with more because he supposedly wants to help the world by getting rid of the virus. We, the fans, know different.

The English secret operations guys are plotting on getting the seeds from the ship. This is causing Commander Fletcher of the UK special forces to choose a side.

I think this episode had a good deal of suspense. I like the way that the Greek’s warships surrounded the Nathan James. This made the Nathan James choice hard because they then had to decide to flee towards the path of the storm. Don’t forget, they have refugees on their ship. So, they have to find the way to flee from their pursuers and keep the civilians safe.

Fletcher was still concerned about how to get his friend off the ship with the seeds. His friend fakes a heart attack to get him to the medical bay. Which brings up my point, they should of never put the seeds in that section!!

Events happened, that had Fletcher friend attacking several of the medical staff to get the seeds. Now, the crew of the Nathan James is putting two-to-two together. By a slip up of Fletcher, they found out he was trying to help the Greeks in getting the seeds.

Captain Tom Chandler shot Fletcher friend in the back. He wasn’t able to get the seeds out. By this time, Fletcher was running out in the docks to meet up with him. His friend handed it off to him, and Fletcher jumps to the ocean.

At the end, we see that Fletcher made it out of the storm and handed it off to the villain son.


I enjoyed The Last Ship season 4 tempest episode. I think that this was the best one of this season!

Had some great action in it. I just wish they protected the seeds better. It is dumb to put the seeds in the medical bay where people will be in every day. Should of put it in the captain’s quarters and have the doc go in there and test it.

Still, the episode was good.


What do you all think about the episode?


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